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A woman living off just £83 a week broke down in tears after a life-changing Rich House Poor House offer.

In Sunday's episode of the Channel 5 show (11 June), a woman named Lesley was moved to tears by the actions of a much wealthier woman she swapped homes with.

Rich House Poor House sees families from Britain's wealthiest households swap lifestyles, homes and budgets with those from the bottom ten percent.

Lesley once had a successful tearoom business, but her whole life took a turn after her husband David slipped in the bathroom and suffered a brain injury.

The woman, from Penarth in Wales, became his full-time carer and despite their marriage not surviving, she continued looking after him.

Because of this, her business collapsed as she 'just couldn't carry on'.

Lesley is a full time carer for her ex-partner Dave.
Channel 5

And on top of all of this, Lesley was told in recent months her rent would be increasing by 20 percent - a price she didn't know how she'd be able to afford.

"My financial situation is pretty rubbish, it's a real struggle. I manage because you have to manage - like the rest of Britain," she said in the episode.

Lesley was able to swap homes with with Nicky Bright, a business woman and mum from Cardiff who lives on a much much higher £1,720 a week.

The entrepreneur explained her own previous struggles with money too after having a difficult break up.

"We lost everything and when you lose everything, you lose yourself as well," Nicky explained. "Through a brokenness you can discover who you are, and anyone can do it."

Nicky and her daughter Morgan truly had their eyes opened by the process, realising just how difficult it can be living on such a tight budget like Lesley's.

Morgan said: "I didn't realise how lucky we were in our family."

As her mum echoed: "What I can see from Lesley is that she does have the dreams and can come up with the ideas - I just think she needs that help and support to take it to the next level."

Nicky and her daughter Morgan swapped with Lesley and Dave.
Channel 5

During the process, Lesley enjoyed living a much more care-free and got to splash out on luxuries such as high-end clothes.

But after the process, Nicky gave her a truly life-changing surprise of money so Lesley could study to become a professional interior designer, as well as a massive investment to launch a new tearoom together.

Saying she 'deserved it', Nicky told her: "I've got loads of ideas, it'd be your business but I'd put money into it as well and we'll find the right property.

"You'd be bringing in close to about £650,000 in your first year."

Lesley was understandably moved by the offer and broke down in tears, saying: "I'm shaking here. I'm really overwhelmed about what Nicky has just offered me - and she doesn't even know me.

"From now on my life is going to change. I'm really positive about the future now."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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