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Rich House Poor House mum in tears as millionaire couple 'change her life'

Rich House Poor House mum in tears as millionaire couple 'change her life'

Young mum Natalie was overcome by the kind gesture on the Channel 5 reality show, Rich House Poor House

A single mum was in tears after a millionaire ‘changed her life’.

Mum of one Natalie had been appearing on reality show Rich House Poor House, when her co-stars decided to give her a helping hand.

The young mum was overcome by the news, after revealing how much she’d struggled to make ends meet.

Prior to the show, Natalie had wanted to open her own nail business so she and her daughter, Ava, could have a better life.

The Gateshead mum had even taken out a loan to help with the expensive materials and training courses in a bid to make her dreams a reality.

Working at a garage to help pay off her debts, she revealed that she struggled with the interest on the loan – which only added to her bills.

It gave the single mum just £60 to live off, with her explaining: “There have been times where I have literally had nothing and I haven't been able to cover priority bills.”

After she swapped lives with the wealthy Dr Rashpal Singh and his wife Kiran, her life would never be the same again.

The young mum's life was changed forever by the kind gesture.
Channel 5

Natalie had starred alongside the couple in Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House, a reality show which gets families from different economic backgrounds to swap lives.

Almost immediately, Dr Singh and his wife sympathised with the young mum as they had not always been so privileged.

“When we grew up, we didn't have everything,” he explained. “What people don't realise is just how difficult it can be with such a small budget.”

The couple revealed they'd also found Natalie a new job.
Channel 5

After a week on the show, the millionaire couple revealed that they would help Natalie pay off her debts before going on to change the young mum’s life.

They even visited local beauty salons to learn about nail technicians to understand more about how to help Natalie as much as possible.

Not only did they offer to pay off the debt for Natalie’s laptop, but the couple offered to help her enrol for various courses in nail art.

Overcome with emotion by the kind gesture, the single mum told them: "This is going to completely change my life. I'm more than grateful."

Touchingly, they’d even helped line-up a potential job for the mum with someone who had worked in the nail industry for two decades.

It inspired the young mum, who joyfully told the film crew: “They've literally come from nothing and they've got all this…So yeah, I'm struggling now but I could have all this.”

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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