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It's Been Six Years Since Celeb Big Brother's Iconic 'David's Dead' Moment

It's Been Six Years Since Celeb Big Brother's Iconic 'David's Dead' Moment

We will forever be obsessed with this.

This week marks the sixth anniversary of one of the greatest Celebrity Big Brother moments of all time, and we'd be doing it a dishonour if we didn't remember it today.

Just two days after we had tragically lost music legend David Bowie, CBB contestants Tiffany Pollard and Angie Bowie gave us a well-needed cheering up in a moment that instantly became an iconic moment in British pop culture.

Watch the unforgettable scene here:

At the time of David Bowie's passing, his ex-wife and the mother of his child, Angie, had been shacked up in the Big Brother house with reality stars galore.

The cast of Celebrity Big Brother was arguably one of the most iconic in the show's history, from TOWIE star Gemma Collins to Kardashian confidante Jonathan Cheban.

Just one week in with her new housemates, things kicked off for Angie like we've never seen before.

It was there that she learned the news of the Starman's passing and was understandably distraught by the news.

At the exact same time, fellow Big Brother housemate David Gest was feeling under the weather and had put himself to bed with a duvet covering his entire body.

After having a private cry to herself in the diary room, Angie came out to confide housemates the news of her ex-husband's passing - though in hindsight, she probably should have been more clear with some of them.

Angie Bowie told Tiffany Pollard that David had died. (
Channel 5)

Unfortunately, the first person Angie found in the house was TV personality Tiffany Pollard.

When Angie told her "David's dead", Tiffany - rather wildly - concluded that Angie was talking about their housemate David Gest. Thus began the breakdown that has since created countless memes.

Crying and hyperventilating, Tiffany ran out to the garden to tell her housemates the news.

Reacting in a much calmer manner, the other celebs went to check on a peaceful David, who was awoken by pokes and prods to make sure he still had a pulse.

It was EastEnders star John Partridge who finally put a stop to the absolute chaos that had broken out in the house, finally informing his pal Tiffany that she had mixed up the names.

Nothing will ever compare to this unforgettable moment of television - although we wouldn't say no to a CBB reboot...

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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