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And Just Like That: Sex And The City Fans Are Just Realising What Carrie's Real Name Is

And Just Like That: Sex And The City Fans Are Just Realising What Carrie's Real Name Is

Did we ever really know Carrie AT ALL?!

If you've watched the fourth episode of Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That, you'll have likely been floored by one scene in particular.

Viewers were utterly shook, when, towards the beginning of the episode, Carrie's real name is revealed for the first time in the show's 23 year history.

Brace yourselves, Carrie Bradshaw is in fact, Caroline Bradshaw.

Carrie Bradshaw is in fact, Caroline Bradshaw (

The revelation occurred when Carrie pops into her local corner shop where she's greeted by a man who calls her Caroline.

Now, Carrie is of course a shortening of the name Caroline, so we're not entirely sure why this has stunned us. But how did we never know this was her full name?! We just weren't prepared for this news.

Fans are equally horrified, with one person writing on Twitter: "After over two decades, I just learned today that Carrie’s name is actually Caroline."

While another said: "I was also offended to hear that Carrie’s real name is not Carrie but Caroline, like what? I’m crying."

And a third added: wait. "Carrie... is short for... Caroline? Am really this stupid? Has this ever been discussed?"

Meanwhile a fourth tweeted: "I didn't know her name was Caroline, did anyone else know Carrie was short for Caroline, I feel like I've been living a lie."

How did we never know Carrie's real name? (

If this news isn't shocking enough, there's more. A quick trip over to Carrie Bradshaw's Wikipedia page and there's another bombshell, with the page listing her full name as Caroline Marie Bradshaw.

Of course, it's not the first time the show has withheld names, with Mr Big's real name concealed until the very last episode of the original series, when 'John' popped up on Carrie's caller ID.

Later, in the movie, we learn Big's full name is John James Preston.

Fans were shocked at the news (

With Carrie using her married name for the reboot (fans weren't happy about that either) it certainly feels like a lot of change all at once.

Caroline Marie Preston, we feel like we barely know you!

And Just Like That continues Thursdays on Sky Comedy and Now.

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