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Bridgerton Fans Can't Stop Re-Watching 'Intense' Anthony And Kate Scene

Gregory Robinson

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Bridgerton Fans Can't Stop Re-Watching 'Intense' Anthony And Kate Scene

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Bridgerton fans are literally obsessed with one particular line spoken by Anthony as he tries to hide his true feelings for Kate.

Viewers are so enamoured with the line, they're re-watching the scene repeatedly and we can totally understand why.

Watch the clip below:


The intense moment happens in the fifth episode of season two, when Anthony and Kate confront each other after a disastrous dinner between Bridgertons, Sharmas and Sheffields.

Anthony tells Kate: "You are the bane of my existence, and the object of all my desires."

Fans took to Twitter to discuss their new favourite line from the period drama. "Kate is better than me i would have gave in right there and there," one fan tweeted.

Another viewer said: "I'm watching on my third watch. That very scene, renewed my [belief] in LOVE. No matter how fantastical it may be".

While a third fan on Twitter praised Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley's acting in the scene, writing: "And her face!!! It‘s filled with so much longing! Love both their acting".

Anthony reveals his desire for Kate. (Credit: Netflix)
Anthony reveals his desire for Kate. (Credit: Netflix)

One person said the drama was almost too much for them to handle. "DJSLSLAPSL I REALLY HAD TO PAUSE AND TAKE A LAP BC WTF," they confessed on Twitter.

And another Bridgerton fanatic added: "The longing stares, the eye contact, the BREATHING, the heart beat".

After fans expressed their love for the scene and quote on social media, Bridgerton writer Abby McDonald answered questions on Twitter about the making of the episode.

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

Abby, who is credited as the writer of the episode, explained that the line was adapted from Julia Quinn's novel The Viscount Who Loved Me, which serves as the source material for the second season.

"And another tribute to Julia Quinn," she tweeted. "The line in the book is ‘she was the bane of his existence, and the object of his desire’. I had a notebook of lines/moments from the book I wanted to use, and it made perfect sense here. #AnUnthinkableFate".

The screenwriter also provided insight into writing the episode, An Unthinkable Fate and shared some behind the scenes tidbits from the set.

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

"First of all, aren’t Jonny and Simone INCREDIBLE? I was breathless watching them, and I already knew every word! And our director Tom Verica brought such powerful intimacy to the scene. #AnUnthinkableFate".

"I love writing these big, emotional speeches, and this was a joy. A kiss was off-limits, so it needed to be sexy, and fraught, and tempting with words alone - for us to feel just as shocked and turned on as Kate is, with all the things he could teach her… #AnUnthinkableFate".

If you need us we'll be re-watching this scene!

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Gregory Robinson
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