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Bridgerton Fans Are Just Realising Why Anthony Looks So Different This Season

Bridgerton Fans Are Just Realising Why Anthony Looks So Different This Season

Did you notice?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you binge watched Season 2 of Bridgerton this weekend, you might have been left wondering why Anthony Bridgerton looks so different.

Many fans admitted to 'thirsting' after the viscount in Season 2, despite his presence in the first season not quite having the same effect.

The second season of the Regency drama hit Netflix on Friday, and follows Anthony on his quest to find a wife - the next Viscountess Bridgerton.

After deciding he will marry for duty, and not love, Anthony sets his sights on the season's diamond, Edwina Sharma, but he soon finds himself irresistibly drawn to her older sister Kate, despite the pair passionately disliking one another.

Kate disapproves of the match after she hears of Anthony's reputation, but soon their hatred towards each other develops into desire, and - after fighting their longing for each other for a number of episodes - they can no longer resist.

The second season follows the relationship between Kate and Anthony (

While Anthony also appeared in the first season of Bridgerton, viewers are convinced there's something noticeably different about the viscount this time around.

Did you spot it? Yep, Anthony's sideburns are notably absent during the second season - and people are pretty happy about it.

One person wrote: "Thankful grateful blessed that they shaved Anthony's damn sideburns for season 2."

While another said: "Anthony losing his side burns was a very good decision."

And a third added: "They rlly did something getting rid of Anthony's sideburns."

Anthony had side burns in season one (

"They took those f**k boy sideburns off Anthony and I was SMITTEN," admitted a fourth.

"They really removed Anthony's sideburns and he levelled up like 10 degrees in attraction," said another.

While a sixth wrote: "This season of Bridgerton is proof that facial can make or break, bc Anthony w/o those sideburns..."

And another added: "Anthony Bridgerton got rid of the side burns this season. I can shamelessly thirst after him now."

The second season is based on the second book by Julia Quinn (

The second season is based on the second book by Julia Quinn, The Viscount Who Loved Me. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the central romance in the series, showrunner Chris Van Dusen said: "This season, one of the big tropes that we're following is enemies to lovers, and that's one of my favourite tropes of this genre.

"I think that's because there's just so much conflict to mine between Anthony and Kate, and they have this banter that is just so much fun to watch, and Jonathan and Simone are so good at it."

You can watch Season 2 of Bridgerton on Netflix now.

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