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Bridgerton Fans Convinced Next Series Will Focus On Penelope And Colin

Bridgerton Fans Convinced Next Series Will Focus On Penelope And Colin

The hit show will have at least two more seasons

After binge-watching season two of Bridgerton, fans are now eagerly awaiting the third instalment - and while they may be waiting a while, viewers are already taking to social media with theories.

One big question viewers have is which of the Bridgerton siblings the next series will focus on. Season one told the story of Daphne's courtship with Simon, while the second followed Anthony's romance with Kate.

If the show follows the order of the books, then next up will be Benedict's Cinderella-like romance with a woman named Sophie.

However, some fans aren't so sure that the show will stick to the chronology of the book series on which it is based.

Fans are convinced that the Feathringtons storyline in the most recent season is a set up for the next season to focus on Penelope and Colin (

Some fans have suggested that the order will be switched with the third series telling the events of the fourth book Romancing Mr Bridgerton, which follows Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, or Polin as their fans call them.

This suspicion heated up, when actress Simone Ashley told E! Online that she's "super excited for the world to see Nicola [Coughlan] and Luke [Newton] rock it."

This statement has led many to believe that the actress may have accidentally revealed that Polin will be the main romance before the announcement has been made.

Fans are eagerly awaiting any announcements in regards to the upcoming seasons (

Fans have also pointed out that the finale certainly leaves room for Penelope to play an even bigger role next series - with her falling out with Eloise and overhearing Colin tell people he's not courting her.

Another piece of information that has viewers raising their eyebrows, is that due to a mix-up, Luke Thomson (Benedict) was offered a personal trainer for his intimate scenes. It then turned out that this was actually meant for Luke Newton (Colin).


Season 3 and 4 announcement (

Some fans have also noted that Netflix's announcement has no mention of who the next two instalments will be about.

When season two was announced however, Netflix immediately stated that Anthony would be the lead.

We're yet to see what Polin will mean for Lady Whistledown... Will she simply stop writing? Reveal herself publicly? Or will the mantle be passed on to someone else?

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