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Bridgerton: Hidden Meaning Behind Bumblebee Revealed

Bridgerton: Hidden Meaning Behind Bumblebee Revealed

Bridgerton fans have a sweet theory about Edmund.

Fans of Netflix's Bridgerton have a very sweet theory about late father of the family Edmund Bridgerton that would suggest he is looking over his eight children.

TikTok user and Bridgerton fan @shirinny123 sparked the theory when she shared a very subtle detail she had spotted at the end of season one.

Watch the video here:

As most viewers will know that patriarch of the Bridgerton family, died years before the series kicks off.

We later learn that Edmund died of a bee sting - a traumatic event that eldest son Anthony witnessed first-hand.

It was only after this that fans started noticing that bees are rather prominent throughout the series so far, and can often be spotted in the background of the Bridgerton children's most important scenes.

After unpacking the bee theory, fellow fans of the series were shocked, and took to the comment section of the TikTok video to discuss.

Edmund Bridgerton died of a bee sting. (

"😳😳😳😳 Oh my gosh ! Unbelievable 😳" commented one viewer.

A second gobsmacked fan simply commented: "whatttttttt."

Not only does a bee appear in the emotional closing scene of season one, but some fans pointed out that the entire Bridgerton series begins with a bee outside the family house.

One explained: "It starts with a bee too! Watch the first episode again and look at the door handle of the bridgerton house".

Another said: "I noticed this when i rewatched it there’s lots of moments when they have bees appear on the screen."

Bees are prominent throughout the series. (

If you're still not sure exactly what the presence of bees might mean, don't worry, you're not the only one.

Posting among the excited comments, one confused fan asked: "Can anyone explain what it means?"

A helpful viewer explained: "The father of the family was killed by a bee it’s like a symbol for the family now like he’s watching over them."

Another confirmed: "I think its cus her dad died from a bee sting and so this can be imagined as his soul animal and he's checking up on daphne and the family."

This is so sweet! If you're still binging the series, be sure to keep an eye out.

Seasons one and two of Bridgerton are available now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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