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Beat The Chasers: Viewers 'Creeped Out' By 'The Beast's Comment On Carol Vorderman's 'Assets'

Beat The Chasers: Viewers 'Creeped Out' By 'The Beast's Comment On Carol Vorderman's 'Assets'

“Really? This is 2022, not 1972!”

If you watched the most recent edition of Beat The Chasers, you may have been wondering what year it is after some people deemed some comments around the programme to be ‘sexist.’

On Tuesday night’s edition of the show, Carol Vorderman took part to win money for charity, alongside Joel Dommett, Adrian Chiles Samia Longchambon and Simon Weston.

Carol used her brains for charity (

While we knew the Cambridge University grad and maths whizz would completely smash it on the programme, fans were left taken aback when Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett made comments about Carol some viewers found to be ‘creepy’.

Playing along at home, Mark wrote on his Twitter page: “I don’t know what is more impressive about @carolvorders, her intellect or her more tangible assets #superstar #BeatTheChasers.”

While The Beast’s comments were made in good humour, his 149,000 followers were quick to call him out on the remark.

Mark's tweet didnt quite hit the right note (

“Bit weird,” one person wrote.

“Such a creepy tweet,” agreed a second.

“Bit inappropriate,” wrote a third, and a fourth decried: “Really? This is 2022, not 1972! A bit creepy and sexist.”

However, Carol chose to laugh off the comment, and replied: “You beast you,” with a set of manic-eyed emojis.

Mark quickly chose to apologise for this tweet after he was criticised, with former Countdown star Carol replying: “I forgive you, my Beast bud….but don’t do it again!”

Carol laughed off the joke (

Later, she added: “Well the Beast and I are having a bit of a laugh over this as he is a good buddy of mine.

“We always take the mick out of each other!”

She then thanked host Bradley Walsh for having her appear on the programme.

“All hail the Beast @MarkLabbett and thank you Bradders and the gang for such a great show.”

Carol faced all six of the legendary Chasers on the spin-off programme, but failed to win substantial amounts.

Instead, Carol took home £1,000 for her charity, the Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA).

In other Chase news, Mark received praised for this “gentlemanly” move he offered to make against a player.

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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