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BBC announces release date for Motherland Christmas special

BBC announces release date for Motherland Christmas special

The mums (and dad) are back for a special festive episode

The BBC has announced when its special festive episode of Motherland arrives - and I’m pleased to let you know, we haven’t got a very long wait.

We last caught up with the chaotic mums (and dad) back in May 2021 and if, like me, you’ve been missing them from your screen then you’re probably pretty chuffed about the fact there’s a second Christmas special on the way. You can check out the trailer here:

Motherland: Last Christmas will see Anna Maxwell Martin return as Julia, alongside pals Liz (played by Diane Morgan), Meg (played by Tanya Moodie) and Kevin (played by Paul Ready), while super snob Amanda (Lucy Punch) is also back.

The Christmas special also has a cameo from Joanna Lumley, who will reprise her role as Amanda’s even snobbier mum Felicity, and Anthony Head as Bill.

A synopsis for the episode reads: "School’s out for the festive season, so the mums (and Kevin) are busy prepping for the ultimate in blended Christmas celebrations.

Motherland is back for a special festive episode.

"It’s a full house at Julia’s with an invasion of grandparents demanding endless cups of tea as they play with a VR headset Paul bought 'for the kids'. Julia has invited Kevin along too after learning his alternative was turkey crisps from the hotel vending machine with the other divorced dads.

"Kevin excitedly offers to whip up a full-on Persian feast. Liz also turns up when her ex falls asleep on a train following a massive Christmas Eve bender, letting her down on his first ever offer to host. Meanwhile, Amanda is spending Christmas Day with Johnny, the kids and Johnny’s new wife Tamara. Which is fine. Really fine. It’s fine." Well, this all sounds as hectic as ever.

Kevin is spending Christmas with Julia.

And you’ll be pleased to know there’s too long to wait until it’s on TV because the festive episode airs on Friday 23 December at 9:30pm on BBC One and will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer from the same time.

BBC iPlayer shared the good news in a post on Facebook, which was quickly flooded with comments from delighted fans.

One person said: “Literally the only thing on at Christmas I want to watch! So good”

Another wrote: “The absolute best programme, I cannot wait to watch!”

A third commented: “I cannot wait! I’ve binge watched the whole 3 series over the past few days.”

While someone else said: “Seriously one of the funniest programmes ever!”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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