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Arthur Finale: Fans Horrified After Seeing What Beloved Character Looks Like In Blabbermouth/ All Grown Up

Arthur Finale: Fans Horrified After Seeing What Beloved Character Looks Like In Blabbermouth/ All Grown Up

This is not the Arthur we grew up with!

After 25 seasons and a total of 253 episodes, beloved PBS cartoon Arthur has officially come to an end - but not before fans got to see what their favourite aardvark looked like all grown up.

Treating fans of the cartoon to a flash-forward in the series finale, Arthur head writer Peter K Hirsch gave us a sneak peek at the adults that Arthur and his pals become.

And while the entire episode is super nostalgic and, honestly, rather emotional, some people can't move past Arthur's new look. Watch a clip from the series finale here:

In the future, Arthur, who grows up to become a graphic novelist, has just signed a deal for his first book 'Arthur's Eyes' - which just so happens to be the same title as the very first episode of Arthur back in 1996. We're not crying, you're crying!

The adult aardvark still rocks his round specs, but has a full head of brown, foppish hair, and even a little beard!

After getting their first glimpse at Arthur's new look, people had... thoughts.

"Out of all the likely things to make me an emotional wreck today, I never thought it'd be learning #Arthur25 is still going or that he has facial hair," tweeted one viewer.



While one viewer was convinced that Arthur looked like "lin manuel miranda", another joked that the aardvark could be "fronting a NeoGrunge band."

After seeing Arthur's new look, one horrified fan tweeted: "Arthur looks like he reviews anime figurines on youtube. I can't breathe."

While a second asked: "Why did they turn arthur into a reddit user."

We honestly haven't seen this much Arthur drama since the Gay Rat Wedding debacle of 2019, when teacher Mr Ratburn tied the knot with his boyfriend Patrick and caused utter uproar - and countless glorious memes.

Arthur's friends are all grown up, too!

Arthur and his pals are all grown up. (

While Buster got a job as a teacher in Lakewood Elementary School, Muffy is running for mayor of Elwood and Francine is running her own sneaker company. Meanwhile, Binky is a weatherman on the local news, George is the manager of the Sugar Bowl, and Arthur's little sister D.W. has become a traffic cop.

Although the finale means an end for the longest-running children's animated series, creators have insisted that Arthur and his pals won't be gone for long.

Among a number of projects in the works, the team behind Arthur are working on a podcast and a series of shorts that will allow the show's beloved characters to address real-life social issues.

Though, if you are looking for a good cry, the series finale is definitely one to watch...

Featured Image Credit: PBS

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