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Are Too Hot To Handle's Nathan And Holly Still Together?

Are Too Hot To Handle's Nathan And Holly Still Together?

Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle sees Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone, who stole more than the viewers hearts after all their rule-breaking.

Too Hot To Handle has returned to Netflix, and TV-fans have gone crazy over the third season. The reality series sees beautiful single people gathered together for a sexy holiday, hoping there will be more than just a touch of romance on the scene. 

They’re in for the shock of their life when an AI swears them to chastity, in a bid to help the singles quash their sexual urges and create meaningful relationships with one another.

And if they can handle the heat, there’s a massive cash prize for the singles to split. If they can’t follow the rules, then the money pot is reduced for everyone. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Think again.

Are Nathan And Holly still together?

Too Hot To Handle is famous for its fan-loved couples. From Harry and Francesca in Season 1, to Cam and Emily in Season 2, the third season follows on with Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone, who stole a lot more than the viewers hearts after all their rule-breaking on the show. 

Despite being unable to resist their sexual urges at times with one another, their relationship did reach another level towards the end of the show. The pair even said they loved each other on their last date. So, are Nathan and Holly still together now?

Given that Nathan’s residence is Cape Town, South Africa, and Holly’s is Colorado, USA, such a long-distance (15,074 km, to be exact) would be quite the barrier between making a relationship official, or taking a step back. 

And unfortunately, for Nathan and Holly, it seems that the latter might hold true. Nathan recently told Cosmopolitan that they “still have strong feelings for each other, but it’s more of a location thing.”

He told the magazine: “It’s better to say no [we’re not together] now, but I would say there are still feelings there, if you know what I mean. It’s more about [unleashing] the feelings and going back to where we started, or leaving them where they are.”

But who knows, if Harry and Francesca could make it work for two years between Australia and Canada, then maybe Holly and Nathan can. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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