Too Hot To Handle Star Cam Holmes Ignites Important 'Blue Balls' Debate


Too Hot To Handle Star Cam Holmes Ignites Important 'Blue Balls' Debate

Move over, Love Island, we're hooked on Too Hot To Handle now.

Just when we thought season one of the Netflix dating show couldn't be topped, season two has dropped on the streaming service and we have become hooked.

Watch the trailer below.



The series has been full of scandals so far, with all-seeing AI robot Lana spotting a ton of rule breaks, and also missing out on a few, too...

The prize fund rapidly depleted within hours of the rules being laid out to the unsuspecting contestants. But it wasn't their shinanigans which caused the biggest stir...

Nope. It turns out the biggest talking point has been a comment made by Cam Holmes, who was left baffled by the notion that he can't engage in any sexual activity for - let's face it - a relatively short amount of time.

In case you missed it, he didn't stop going on about the "blue balls" he was experiencing, by not being be able to get laid.


And it's safe to say his comments caused some eye-rolls.

"The guy on Too Hot To Handle claiming to have blue balls lmfao give me a break," one woman wrote on Twitter, while another wrote: "Too much blue balls validation in Too Hot To Handle."

Cam mentioned having blue balls repeatedly on the show (Credit: Netflix)
Cam mentioned having blue balls repeatedly on the show (Credit: Netflix)

Another pointed out that blue balls is just not real: "Any man on Too Hot To Handle is literally talking s***e when it comes to blue balls. It's not a thing," he said.


"It doesn't cause pain, it's not something you can't handle and to tell people oh you need to w**k me off because my balls hurt is gross!"

Here at Tyla, we've done some digging on the topic of 'blue balls', and while we can actually confirm they are a real thing, they are not and never will be a reason to pleasure someone, no matter how much they stress about it.

We spoke to Dr Giuseppe Aragona, GP and Online Doctor for Prescription Doctor, who explained the proper, medical term for the condition as 'epididymal hypertension'.

"It's a condition which effects the male genitals, it causes pain and an aching sensation in the testicles after an erection without an orgasm," he explains.


"It occurs when a man's penis has been erect for quite some time, without an orgasm to release the sperm.

"Too much blood will stay in the genital area, and a lot of men may become aroused for a long period of time, and so with no release this turns into blue balls. This then creates the aching sensation and pain as mentioned, with the excess blood and the increase in blood pressure resulting in a potentially 'bluish' tinge to the testicles."

While some men may act as if not having an ejaculation could literally be the worst thing that could ever happen to them, you should never believe that you have to take responsibility to this.

Fans noticed his repetition of 'blue balls' comments (Credit: Netflix)
Fans noticed his repetition of 'blue balls' comments (Credit: Netflix)

Yes, although blue balls are thought to cause some discomfort, men won't be bent over and crippled with pain.

And while the term is bandied about amongst men, the phenomenon is actually quite rare.

"It is not too common," Dr Aragona explained. "It also depends on the person, some men are more easily aroused than others so they may experience it more frequently. This varies from person to person, some men may not experience blue balls for hours, and some may experience blue balls quite soon after becoming erect."

Blue balls can be eased through ejaculation, with Dr Aragona citing masturbation, or consensual and willing sexual intercourse or acts of pleasure as ways to ease the discomfort of the phenomenon.

However, the term blue balls has also been weaponised against women to force them into performing sexual acts when they don't want to.

If a man complains of blue balls, trust me, he'll live (Credit: Netflix)
If a man complains of blue balls, trust me, he'll live (Credit: Netflix)

"Blue balls is not bad for you," Gigi Engle, sexologist and author, told Men's Health. "The myth that blue balls is somehow dangerous or super painful is born out of the idea that men need to 'release their ejaculate', which is a myth designed to pressure women into sex.

"A guy will pretend he's in pain and appeal to a woman's sympathy in order to get what they want," she says. "It's manipulative, wrong, and it's definitely a form of coercive assault to use blue balls to pressure someone to perform a sexual act they don't want to do."

So if you're with a guy and he starts talking about having blue balls? Hand him some man-sized Kleenex, tell him where the bathroom is - and never call him again.

As for Cam? We're sure he could have lasted two weeks...

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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