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Are Too Hot To Handle's Harry And Beaux Still Together?

Are Too Hot To Handle's Harry And Beaux Still Together?

Too Hot To Handle is back on Netflix, and TV-watchers just can’t get enough.

Too Hot To Handle is back, and TV-watchers just can’t get enough. So much so that we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole of the UK binge-watched the third series in one go when it dropped on Netflix last week. 

The competition series sees hot single people coming together for a holiday, hoping there will be a little (or a lot) of steamy makeout sessions in the pipeline. Little do they know that an AI will soon be swearing them into a promise in chastity, in the hopes that they can squash their sexual urges and make meaningful connections with each other. 

And of course, there’s an impressive cash prize if they can handle the heat. If they can’t control themselves, then the money is snatched away from everybody. Easy, right? Well that wouldn’t make for entertainment.

Are Harry and Beaux still together from Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot To Handle is knowing for giving viewers a couple or two to pine over. From Season 1’s Harry and Francesca, to Season 2’s Cam and Emily, Season 3 follows suit with Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond. 

This British couple seemed to get pretty serious with one-another, sealing the deal around the middle of the latest series. Given that season 3 was filmed almost a year ago, it’s no wonder fans are wondering if Harry and Beaux are still together after all this time.

Although neither of the pair have confirmed the rumours, previous couples on the show weren’t allowed to solidify their relationships this early on, either. Former contestants had to wait until after the series was out on the streaming platform for at least a few weeks before confirming anything.

If Beaux and Harry were still an item, that means they would have been together for about a year by now. Although they’re both conveniently from the same country, they’re still from completely different parts of England, with Beaux residing in Kent and Harry being from Middlesbrough.

Fans of the couple might get a kick out of knowing that Beaux did confirm in a Capital FM interview that they still often talk to one another. “We’re still in touch a lot. He’s amazing, he’s literally like the male version of me,” she confirmed to the radio station.

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