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And Just Like That: SATC Fans Are Seriously Confused About Steve Brady

And Just Like That: SATC Fans Are Seriously Confused About Steve Brady

Hello, police? We’d like to report a missing person…

If you’ve been watching And Just Like That, you may have been rather thrown by some of the events we’ve seen on screen.

Not only has Big and Carrie’s epic love story come to an end (Big tragically dies after a Peloton-induced heart attack), it looks as things between Miranda and Steve have hit the rocks too.

One of our favourite pairings in the original Sex and the City, Miranda and Steve have always worked through all their issues: reuniting in the 2008 film shortly after he confesses to cheating on her.

Steve and Miranda were once one of our favourite couples (

But it seems their symbolic reconnection on the Brooklyn Bridge meant absolutely nothing, as Miranda revealed in And Just Like That that she is deeply unhappy in her marriage to Steve.

In fact, the lawyer is so unhappy that she’s turned to alcohol – and found herself enjoying a heated liaison with Che Diaz – Carrie’s boss and host of the podcast X, Y and Me.

The most recent episode of And Just Like That saw Charlotte and Carrie confront Miranda about her frisson with Che and what that means for her sexuality, but many fans were left puzzled as nobody seemed to mention Steve, Miranda’s husband of around 16 years at this point, and how he may feel about it.

Steve has barely appeared in And Just Like That (

And others pointed out that Steve has been absent from the series altogether.

Taking to Twitter, many queried why Steve was missing from the series.

“Okay but like where is Steve? do we need to put out a Silver Alert?” one person asked.

“Is Miranda not remorseful?” questioned a second. “She's casually talking about this affair over charcuterie. What's going on here? Where is Steve?”

Others questioned whether Steve is too busy having extra-marital relations of his own.

Fans are curious as to where Steve has got to (

“Where is Steve? Is he off having his own affair and Miranda's just too 'busy" to notice?' scoffed a viewer.

“Where is Steve? Is Miranda going to at least TRY to work it out?” asked another, while a third said: “So Miranda is just diving head-first into this affair, huh? After everything she and Steve went through. Also, where the hell -is- Steve during all of this?”

And a fourth agreed: “Where is Steve??? Miranda is carrying on, spiralling and Steve is nowhere to be found?”

Others wondered if this was really the end (

It should be remembered that Steve and Miranda have always had widely different schedules – while Miranda was smashing it as a partner in a corporate law firm in Sex and the City, Steve worked as a bartender, and then ran his own bar, Scout.

And we did briefly see Steve at the start of the series, where it was revealed he had hearing problems.

And others found his lack of presence concerning (

So where will Miranda and Steve go from here? There’s four more episodes of And Just Like That left where we can find out…

And Just Like That continues Thursdays on Sky Comedy and Now.

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