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And Just Like That: Sex And The City Faces Backlash Over Carrie's 'Sari' Scene

And Just Like That: Sex And The City Faces Backlash Over Carrie's 'Sari' Scene

Firstly, Carrie isn’t wearing a sari.

It's fair to say the much-anticipated Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, has divided viewers with its dramatic storyline, slightly pained humour and the treatment of Steve Brady (#justiceforsteve) – and now the episode titled ‘Diwali’ that has drawn widespread criticism after what appears to be an oversight in the costume department.

The episode saw newly widowed Carrie Bradshaw attend a Diwali party with her real estate pal Seema, meeting her parents for the first time.

Carrie and Seema visit an Indian clothes store (

Carrie (who didn’t know what Diwali was, despite living in a city as cosmopolitan and diverse as New York for most of her life) decides to wear traditional Indian dress for the event, and is seen referring to her outfit as a ‘sari’.

Only, the elaborate suit she chooses to wear for the occasion isn’t a sari at all, but a lehenga.

What’s the difference? Well, typically, saris are unstitched garments which are freely draped over the body.

However, lehenga are usually three-piece stitched and structured Indian suits worn in celebratory settings such as weddings. The garment includes long-skirt, a tight-fitting blouse, and a dupatta – leaving the waist uncovered.

Carrie's outfit is a lehenga (

And fans were quick to point out that the show doesn’t draw a distinction between these two traditional modes of Indian dress – leaving them disappointed that writers hadn’t done their research.

“Sorry, NOT a sari!” one person wrote on Twitter. “Carrie Bradshaw, in the latest episode of And Just Like That buys a sari to wear to her friend Seema's Diwali do. So far so ‘Diversity Tick-box' done.

“Except what she's actually wearing to the Diwali do is a Lehenga, not a sari.”

Fans were quick to point out Carrie's outfit isn't a sari (

“I’ve never had a lot of experience of British Indian & Pakistani culture but even I know that’s not a Sari, Carrie,” a second person wrote.

“AndJustLike That Carrie visits a sari shop and likes a sari but is shown wearing, what is known as a lehenga - a skirt and a top,” a third person pointed out.

“Actually the sari shop they visit is shown displaying only lehengas. And just like that they completely ignored doing even the tiniest bit of research.”

The mistake left fans unimpressed (

“Sorry Carrie, you and your writers are clueless about India culture, that's not a sari!” said a fourth.

And Just Like That continues Thursdays on Sky Comedy and Now.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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