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Princess Switch Fans Notice Detail In Netflix's A Castle For Christmas

Princess Switch Fans Notice Detail In Netflix's A Castle For Christmas

The Netflix Cinematic Universe lives on.

Nothing says it’s time for Christmas than getting some snacks, snuggling under a huge blanket and putting on some Netflix.

The streaming giant is home to some of our all-time favourite cheesy Christmas movies, with The Princess Switch and its sequels proudly among some of our most-loved films.

But fans have noted something a little odd about one of Netflix’s latest flicks, and it has been cited on Twitter as evidence of a popular theory.

In A Castle For Christmas, people have spotted a recurring character that also plays a role in The Princess Switch – suggesting all the Netflix Christmas films share a “cinematic universe” (like the Marvel films, only better).

Viewers loved Netflix's cheeky little crossover (

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “In case you watch A Castle for Christmas and go who the f*** is ‘Donatelli’, it's a Netflix Xmas Cinematic Universe reference - it's Frank the Butler and Mrs Donatelli from The Princess Switch. You're welcome.”

A second fan of both films was more forthcoming in their excitement, simply writing: “OMG PRINCESS SWITCH AND A CASTLE FOR CHRISTMAS CROSSOVER AHHH!” (and yes, they really did write in all caps).

Some viewers found themselves strangely invested in the cinematic universe (

“The Princess Switch cameo in A Castle For Christmas had me screaming,” a third wrote, with a fourth said: “A Castle for Christmas has confirmed that it’s in the same universe as the princess switch and a Christmas prince and my mind is spinning about why I care so deeply about the Netflix Christmas universe?”

While a fifth pointed out an inconsistency in the NCU.

One viewer spotted an 'error' in the 'NCU' (

“Netflix Christmas multiverse folding in on itself this year with Frank from Princess Switch in A Castle for Christmas where they say he can watch Netflix, and Simon from Christmas Prince in Princess Switch 3 after Stacy previously said Christmas Prince was her favourite xmas movie.”

Our minds are well and truly blown.

A Castle For Christmas and all of the Princess Switch movies are available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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