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90 Day Fiancé UK Star Slams Friend For Suggesting Long-Distance Partner’s Son Is Not His

90 Day Fiancé UK Star Slams Friend For Suggesting Long-Distance Partner’s Son Is Not His

The 90 Day Fiancé UK is here and it's giving DRAMA

If you were starting to worry about Love Island coming to an end next week, then fear not. 90 Day Fiancé UK has officially arrived and it's serving up all of the drama from episode one.

Among the Brits and their long-distance partners taking part in the reality series are 41-year-old Shaun from Botley, Hampshire, and 42-year-old Christine from the Philippines.

Things take a rocky turn for Shaun when his best friends question whether his son shared with Christine is really his. Check out the clip here:

The couple met online in 2012, and started their 7,000 mile long-distance relationship in 2013.

In 2017, Christine gave birth to Shaun's son Christian. But due to the distance, Shaun has only met his child a total of four times - something that the couple say has been difficult for both Shaun and Christian.

During the show's debut episode, Shaun decides to call on his best friend Jimmy to discuss his plan to bring Christine and Christian out to live with him in the UK.

Explaining the relationship, Shaun tells Jimmy: Yes, I do send Christine money because I’m trying to help her and her family out. When I saw Christine on social media, I knew that she was the one for me.

“She wants to be with me, she loves me. Now I want her here, so she can experience the life that I am living. She’ll have a better life here with me."

Concerned for his pal, Jimmy says: “All I’m saying is that as a best buddy, you’ve got to take it really careful.”

But despite Jimmy's best efforts, Shaun is having none of it.

The couple have been in a 7,000 mile long-distance relationship since 2013 .

The conversation takes a turn for the worst when Jimmy suggests to Shaun that Christian might not even be his son - a suggestion he doesn't take particularly well.

When the conversation cools down, Shaun assures Jimmy that he'll understand when he meets Christine for himself, telling him: “Once you guys get to know her, you’ll see that, you’ll see what I see. You’re concerned about my wellbeing, I get that, okay buddy? But Christine is the love of my life.”

Despite being confronted by his best friends and, elsewhere in the episode, his parents, Shaun is determined that he’s going to move Christine over to the UK and marry her.

Eventually, he even hopes to bring over Christine's three other children from her previous relationship, who he has already been supporting from afar.

Shaun is determined to get Christine to the UK.

But, as Shaun reveals, there is a potential spanner in the works with his plans to marry Christine - she’s already married.

Explaining the situation, Shaun says: “Christine is still married. In the Philippines, they’ve got a totally different rule.

“They don’t believe in divorce; they believe in annulment and it’s costing far too much money.”

Shaun is now saving up £5,000 to pay for Christine's annulment in the hopes of marrying her once and for all.

You can stream 90 Day Fiancé UK exclusively on Discovery+ now.

Featured Image Credit: Discovery+

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