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Instagram Stories hack to see who has clicked is being called genius

Instagram Stories hack to see who has clicked is being called genius

This could be embarrassing...

Instagram is the perfect place to do some good old-fashioned creeping - particularly because it won't rat you out to the person you're stalking.

But one Insta user thinks she has figured out a hack to catch out people who have been creeping on her and her 'boyfriend'. Check this out:

No matter how many times you search up someone on Instagram and scroll through their profile, no matter how many times you click on their location or tagged friends to see what they're getting up to, Instagram will keep your secret safe.

You'll never show up on the top of that person's followers list, like count, or Story views. You're golden.

Or at least you were until TikToker Muna @munachiii.2 figured out a way to catch creepers who were watching her Stories.

Taking to TikTok, she wrote: "So I decided to see who will click on my fake boyfriend's name."

She then records herself creating an Instagram Story. But instead of tagging a real person in her post, she adds a poll to her Story.

The poll feature on Instagram allows your followers to vote on different topics, but it also uses the exact same font as the '@Mention' sticker, allowing for the perfect trap to be set.

Adding a poll to her story, Muna clicks into one of the vote options and writes a fake username, going for @Jay_n.

She then drags the poll sticker to the side of the screen, so that only half of it can be seen - the side that reads @Jay_n.

Now it looks exactly like someone has been tagged in her Insta Story.

As a result, when people click on the fake name to see who Muna is hanging out with, they'll accidentally vote in a poll, making their names available to Muna. Pretty clever, right?

This could help you catch out your Instagram stalkers.

"I can't believe people fell for this...," she wrote in the caption.

Some people were impressed with Muna's sleuthing skills.

"Ahahahaha this looks fun," laughed one viewer.

"Ok but how embarrassing when they realise it's a vote," commented a second.

Tagging her friend, a third user raved: "We need to do this haha."

Another TikToker, who was all too familiar with the trick, wrote: "NOO I fell for this I felt so embarrassed."

Some followers admitted that they would 100% click on the fake username with no reservations.

"I would be that nosy person lmao," one user proudly admitted.

"I would [have] clicked because of the odd user[name]," agreed another.

"I always click it's funny," penned a third.

And others weren't as impressed by the trick.

"People are still doing this?" one underwhelmed viewer wondered.

"Do people not realise how bait this is?" pondered a second.

Did you know this trick? Or worse - have you fallen for it before?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/munachiii.2

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