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Mum Fears Family Have Been Spied On For Weeks After Hearing Man 'Shushing' Through Baby Monitor

Mum Fears Family Have Been Spied On For Weeks After Hearing Man 'Shushing' Through Baby Monitor

This is so creepy.

A couple were left in a state of fear and are convinced they've been spied on for weeks after claiming to hear the sound of a man shushing to their baby over their baby monitor.

Mum Claire Cummings first grew suspicious when her son Aiden, now two-years-old, woke up screaming and crying every night at the same time for a full month.

The 25-year-old nurse said that her child became terrified of his nursery, but any time she'd come in to comfort him, there was nothing wrong.

This couple are convinced they were spied on for weeks. (
Kennedy News and Media)

The first time Claire heard the odd 'shushing' noise coming from her son's baby monitor, she thought she had been day-dreaming it. But she and her husband Jamie, 31, started to seriously panic when they realised that she hadn't imagined the noise after all.

Through the Victure Baby Monitor wifi indoor camera, Claire and Jamie claim they heard a male voice shushing their son Aiden, and fear they were being watched for weeks.

Claire, from West Lothian, Scotland, said: "It had been going on for weeks where he'd wake up in the night crying, but not a normal cry, a terrified cry.

"It got to the point where he was too terrified to go in his own room. If you took him to his room he would scream.

"He would scream and point at the monitor. One night I was awake and I thought I heard someone shushing him through the monitor but I thought I was dreaming or had imagined it.

"A few days later I heard it again, a big 'shh' noise. It didn't sound like it could have just been the monitor making a noise, it sounded like a person shushing him, then my son started screaming so I went in and he was terrified."

Claire has since unplugged the £19.99 monitor and her son has been sleeping soundly and happily playing in his room ever since.

Claire has since unplugged the £19.99 monitor. (
Kennedy News and Media)

She said: "I feel so guilty that I didn't realise sooner. We unplugged the monitor and within a few weeks he was sleeping again.

"It's a shame we didn't click earlier. We brought it downstairs and tried to stay up to catch whoever was scaring him but we didn't stay up all night then we threw it away.

"We were quite scared ourselves because we'd been changing him in the room. We didn't know what this weirdo had seen.

"It terrifies me to think someone was watching him. I was really upset to think someone could have been watching him and I feel really guilty.

"He'd been upset for weeks and I hadn't clicked. We had to get him used to his bedroom again by taking him in during the day and playing with him in there."

In the past, consumer magazine Which? raised concerns with another of Victure's cameras (the 1080xp), claiming that it was 'worryingly simple' to gain root access.

Aiden has been sleeping soundly ever since the monitor was unplugged. (
Kennedy News and Media)

Victure were contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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