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Facebook users shocked as embarrassing glitch exposes everyone they’ve stalked

Facebook users shocked as embarrassing glitch exposes everyone they’ve stalked

If you've been getting friend requests on Facebook out of the blue now you know why

It's been a bit of an embarrassing time for some Facebook users as their stalking habits were rumbled by a recent glitch.

If you've been getting some odd friend requests in recent days it's because of a bit of technological bug which has caused the social media site to send friend requests to profiles a person has visited.

That's right, if you've stalked someone on Facebook recently they might have received a friend request from you, tipping them off that you've been looking them up and hopped on their profile.


Whether it's that ex you've been checking up on even though you know you shouldn't, that old chum from school you lost touch with but were too embarrassed to friend request or even a complete stranger whose profile you happened upon, the Facebook glitch might have told them you came to visit.

Some people have even been rushing to delete their accounts in terror at being stitched up by the glitch as a way of dodging the embarrassment.

"Would you believe me if I said I was just checking who our mutual friends were?"
Stephen Frost / Alamy Stock Photo

Facebookers were alerted to the danger by other social media users who told them hopping on a person's profile was automatically triggering a friend request.

There was much horror from people at this discovery as they wondered how many people had caught friend requests from them in the glitch.

Some realised they might have been caught out trying to Facebook-stalk a number of people and wondered what might happen.

Others quickly tried to cancel the friend requests sent out in the hopes of covering their tracks before their stalking was spotted.

"Na, deleting Facebook now, only reason I have it is to stalk." One person said, proving that some people were at least honest when they'd been caught out.

Another person wondered what had caused this in the first place and suggested it might be a mistake trial run from Facebook parent company Meta to include a 'who viewed my profile' feature' on the site.

Some other sites do this, letting you know who searched you up and hopped onto your profile for a closer look even if they didn't click on anything once they arrived.

Facebook later confirmed that the issue had been identified and fixed, so feel free to stalk away until the next time this happens.

If you're worried that you've sent out a bunch of friend requests and don't know how to rescind them then you can head to, click 'Friend Requests', then 'View Sent Requests' to see the accounts you've sent a request to.

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Frost / Alamy Stock Photo /TikTok/jacintaandcarty

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