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People Think New Apple Update Will Make It Easy To Cheat

People Think New Apple Update Will Make It Easy To Cheat

People are anxious about the new update.

Apple has announced that iOS 16 will include a huge update to its iMessage feature, and some people are convinced it could make it easier to cheat on a partner or spouse.

The game-changing update means Apple users will be able to edit and unsent messages as well as giving users the option to mark messages as unread.

The latter is a feature on rival service WhatsApp, but now Apple customers will get it too.

A major update is coming to Apple products.

The news sparked fear in Twitter users, who ran to social media to reflect on the news and to issue foreboding warnings to those in relationships.

“They [gonna] have a update where you can unsend a iMessage do y’all understand how easy it will be to cheat now,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person tweeted: “This new imessage update is gonna raise hell nobody gon have receipts for sh*t.”

A third shocked social media user shared: “Wow you can now edit and unsend messages on iMessage RIP to receipts I guess.”

A fourth wrote: “A second added: “iMessage getting an edit button will forever change screenshots of conversations.”

The news was confirmed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday and the iOS 16 update was not the only announcement to send shockwaves on social media.

People will be able to delete messages.

The Guardian reports that iOS 16 will have new privacy features including a redesigned lock screen that will allow users to change the appearance of the clock and to pin small widgets on the front screen.

Apple users will be able to edit and swipe through various lock screens for different uses, for example a work lock screen with emails pinned or a fun weekend lockscreen that can hide notifications from colleagues and work.

Family get-togethers and brunches will become a lot more seamless when sharing images between devices with the introduction of a 'shared photo library', which will allow users to bundle images together in a shared online gallery.

Furthermore, the update includes the option for users to move their notifications to the bottom of the screen or to hide them entirely for when you need some added peace and quiet.

Widgets will also become an option for users, allowing them to complete a range of tasks easily, such as tracking the location of their Uber driver.

Apple users will also be pleased to know that dictation tools are also going to be introduced with iOS 16.

These added dictation features will allow users to switch between writing on their phones and dictating their messages a total game-changer for a gal on the go.

iOS 16 is expected to launch this September.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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