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Terrifying Video Shows Exactly What Styling Tools Do To Your Hair If You Don't Use Heat Spray

Terrifying Video Shows Exactly What Styling Tools Do To Your Hair If You Don't Use Heat Spray

Our minds are blown.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

If you've ever spritzed your tresses with hair protector and wondered if it really does anything, you may want to check out this stylist's jaw-dropping video.

Hairdresser Becky Strong took to Instagram last month to encourage her followers and clients to always apply a protective spray with her nifty experiment - and we must admit our minds are blown.

Watch the video below.

In the clip, she covered one half of a piece of white paper with a protective hair product before applying her straighteners to it - and the treated side appeared completely unaffected by heat.

The Canadian based stylist trialled four different products, Olaplex No 6, Redken Big Blowout, R+Co and Oribe Soft Lacquer, so her followers could truly understand their magic.

Captioning the post, Becky penned: "Hey babes! Here's a little PSA to always use a heat protectant while using hot tools on your hair!

"Here are some of my favourite ones at the salon! Message me or the salon if you have any questions!"

The purple-coloured paper shows that damage heat tools cause without a protectant spray (
Instagram/Becky Strong)

After sharing the video, the stylist was understandably inundated with comments from followers, who were blown away by the importance of using a heat protectant spray but were also a little confused by the experiment.

Thankfully one follower explained: "This is thermal paper used for receipts in stores.

"The darkening of the paper is the paper reacting to the heat of the iron, the paper white bits are either no heat contact or a heat protectant (the kind you would put in your hair) is applied to the paper before the iron is ran over it.

"You're looking for the parts that have the heat protectant to darken or not. If they darken then the heat protectant didn't do a good job of keeping the thermal paper from reacting."

Hairdresser Becky Strong showed four different products (
Instagram/Becky Strong)

After the explanation, a follower wrote: "I've always wondered if it actually works !!"

"Woooah that's crazy," another commented. "Thank you for this!"

A fourth added: "I've never seen someone represent why you need heat protectant until now. This is fantastic."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Becky Strong

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