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People Are Doing 'Pornstar Martini' Hair At Home

People Are Doing 'Pornstar Martini' Hair At Home

We're loving seeing the amazing ways people are pushing the envelope with their beauty during lockdown.


From drastic new hair cuts to brave new hues, people are using the time to revamp their looks. But nothing we've seen so far is as bold as the latest colour trend to come out of isolation: pornstar martini hair.

Named after the delicious cocktail that it shares its colour with -- made with vanilla-flavoured vodka, passoã, passion fruit juice, and lime juice - pornstar martini hair is a warm yellow hue with a tiny hint of peach.

We're seeing the shocking colour more and more on social media, with bored locked downers bravely taking dye to hair with insane results. Just look...


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If you like what you see, then Tyla tapped SALON64 colourist Troy Alexandros for the lowdown on how to get pornstar martini hair.

"Pornstar martini was one of the coolest colours of 2019, spotted throughout the catwalk and amongst fashionistas," he tells us. "A vivid, bold, bright statement, this colour is now making its way into mainstream fashion and I love it."

Troy warns achieving the colour at home can certainly be "tricky" and he doesn't recommend those with very dark hair trying.

For those with naturally blonde hair, he recommends using a high lift blonde tint (not bleach) to lighten your locks. "This is already much better for your hair's condition," Troy tells us.

Begin by applying the tint all over your hair.

"It's important to start applying the colour from the ends first, leaving your roots until last," says Troy. "Make sure that your hair is completely saturated!"

Leave on your hair for the time recommended by the manufacturer and finally rise.

Next, Troy recommends using Crazy Colour's Canary Yellow (which you can purchase online for £5.50), leaving on damp hair for 20 minutes.

"Style as usual and you should find your hair has certainly brightened up your lockdown blues!" says Troy.

We don't doubt it.

And as for the shot of prosecco on the side? Optional, but we'll take it.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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