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People Are Getting Mini Egg Nails For Easter

People Are Getting Mini Egg Nails For Easter

Lately we've been obsessed with looking at the weird and wonderful takes on snack-inspired nails.

The nail art trend is having a moment, seeing our favourite confectionary items reimagined on our tips. Some require some real skill (case in point Creme Eggs nails) and some are downright weird (hi, Oreo nails), but all look good enough to eat.

However, none quite match the latest snack to have the mani treatment in terms of wearability and chicness: Mini Eggs nails.


Perfectly-timed for Easter, these nails see the miniature Cadbury eggs that come encased in a sugar-coated shell reworked on our talons in pretty pastel hues.

But just how do you create these delicious nails?

To find out, Tyla tapped Lilly Power, salon manager at vegan and cruelty-free hair and nail salon Vanilla Tramp, based in Manchester.

Lilly recommends creating the look using shades Daisy, Forget Me Not, Californian, Pastelv110 and June from The Gel Bottle which specialises in animal-friendly products.


These shades will make up your pastel bases, while you should use Badass for the speckles. You'll also need a nail curing lamp and a matte top coat to hand - if you want to get profesh about this.

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First, you have to prep the nails. "Tidy cuticles, file to desired length and shape, buff the shine and oils from the nail surface," explains Lilly.

Next it's on to the base. Begin with an even layer of your chosen shade and cure it under your lamp.

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After, you have to build up that colour. "Add 2 layers of the selected TGB colours on top of the base coat, cure for 60 seconds in between each coat," says Lilly.

Now for the fun part. To create your speckles, grab your pot of Badass - a black pigmented glitter varnish - and apply a thin layer over the top of the nails. Cure for 60 seconds.

Finally, apply a matte top coat and cure for a further minute. Et voila! Mini Egg nails.


Is it just us or could you actually wear these out and about?

*Spends next four weeks practicing so we can wear these to Easter lunch.*

Featured Image Credit: Vanilla Tramp

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