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Woman Reveals We've Been Using Micellar Water All Wrong

Woman Reveals We've Been Using Micellar Water All Wrong

This is a life hack we can get on board with.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

Beauty fans, listen up. It appears we may have been using micellar water wrong this whole time - and we are shook!

One TikTok user has enlightened us as to how exactly we were meant to use this facial cleanser all along, and we cannot believe we didn't know this before.

Wanna give this simple tip a go yourself? Take a look at the below video to see how it's done.

TikTok-er @thatweirdcouplee first alerted us to this hack that we definitely will be using from now on.

In her short clip, captioned: 'I've been doing this wrong my whole life," the woman takes out a cotton wool pad, before she puts some micellar water on it.

Normal so far, right? But this is where it gets weird.

She then places the cotton wool pad on her mouth and blows into it, turning the micellar water into a foam, rather than the water consistency we're used to.

After dabbing the foam onto her face, the woman then uses the cotton wool pad to clean her face as normal.

And, honestly, this is a gamechanger.

Others too have been shocked at this life hack.

Instagrammer @notanothermummyblog also posted about this make-up hack on her account.

She wrote: "Foam up your micellar water to remove your makeup! Pour into a cotton pad and blow into it!"

And her followers were as shocked as we were with this tip.

"WTF man," wrote one, while a second commented: "Wow."

We'll certainly be giving this one a go.

Mind. Blown.

Featured Image Credit: Garnier

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