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Makeup Artist Shows How To Contour Your Nose With A Fork

Makeup Artist Shows How To Contour Your Nose With A Fork

This is life-changing.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We don't know about you, but we wince at the thought to going back to our old makeup regime when lockdown is over.

Don't get us wrong, we love glamming up, but the thought of sitting down and applying a full contour just feels so time consuming now, given the months we've gone without.

That's why we were pleased to discover a handy trick which allows you to perfectly define your nose in no time at all.

And all you need is a household fork. Yep, a fork.

Watch the how-to video for yourself:

Showing people how to perfect the technique step-by-step on TikTok, makeup artist Ellie Trimarchi filmed herself as she completed the skill.

All she did was place a kitchen fork (with four prongs) face down on her nose, so the curve hugged it.

Then, she painted the darker contour using the edge of a thin brush, and the two outer gaps as a guideline.

Brush the dark contour along the thin line of the fork prom (
@elliemakeupartist/ TikTok)

Running the contour brush along the straight lines of the fork prongs, but not filling the whole gap, the MUA ensured they were straight and equal in width.

After that, she painted the lighter contour to fill the middle gap in the fork prongs, so it ran along the centre of her nose.

Use the concealer colour in the middle of the gap (
@elliemakeupartist/ TikTok)

All that was left to do after removing the fork was to blend the edges of the contour with a fluffier brush...

Blend the contour lines  (
@elliemakeupartist/ TikTok)

And voila! We have to say, after looking at the end result, we're rather impressed.

Contoured to perfection!  (
@elliemakeupartist/ TikTok)

Since posting the tip online, it has amassed over 1000 comments and 443,000 'likes'.

"Ok where my fork at," wrote one after watching the tip, while another penned: "Omg I'm going to try".

A third gushed: "IT WORKED".

Not everyone was so enthusiastic about the idea, though.

"Ehh, this is ok but I'm not trying to do more dishes," one person wrote.

A perfectly defined nose or less washing up... it's time to pick your priorities guys. Either way, we won't judge!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @elliemakeupartist

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