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ASOS Can't Keep These Incredible Spot-Zapping Stickers In Stock

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ASOS Can't Keep These Incredible Spot-Zapping Stickers In Stock

ASOS shoppers are going wild for these spot-zapping stickers, so much so the brand is struggling to keep them in stock.

The Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots promise clearer skin, and contain charcoal to detoxify and salicylic acid deep cleanse your skin.

These ultra cute stickers also contain tomato extract to tackle any pesky spots, and are priced at £7.99 a pack.


Yes To's stickers are super easy to use. Dampen your skin, peel them off the backing and pop onto any blemishes overnight.

It's rare that any product aimed at clearing up acne works overnight, which these promise and deliver as I've actually given them a whizz.

Following the instructions as per the back of the packaging, I popped the stickers onto my skin before bed on top of some lingering spots I had been struggling to get rid of.


There are two different colours of stickers in the packs - red and black - but they both do the same thing - although the black ones leave a more noticeable residue the morning after.

After eight hours, the stickers were still stuck to my skin, and they hadn't left any sticky mess on my bedding either.

And upon peeling them off, any blemishes previously lingering underneath had noticeable reduced in size, some disappeared completely, including an under-the-skin spot.


Would I recommend them? Absolutely, and at less than a £8 they are worth giving a shot - especially if any acne forms before an important date. They are also a winner if you're bad for squeezing or picking at your skin as soon as a spot pops up.

These aren't the only stickers available on the market as shoppers are also impressed with another brand's clear versions.


The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches are just £4.40 from online beauty retailer Look Fantastic, where the listing for the product has impressive reviews.


These ones are clear, meaning you can also wear them under make-up.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Yes To

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Rachel Andrews
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