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​Argos Updates Images On Its Website To Show Realities Of Hair Removal

​Argos Updates Images On Its Website To Show Realities Of Hair Removal

The High Street name wants to normalise talking about hair removal...

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

With recent news that the Argos catalogue would soon be a thing of the past, the high street shop has now hit the headlines for a very different reason.

From this week, images on the Argos website will show the realities of hair removing and celebrate what it's really like for us, whether we choose to shave, wax, laser, epilate or pluck those pesky hairs out.

New research conducted by Argos and Phillips found that 11 million women find talking about their hair removal experiences embarrassing or uncomfortable and wanted to normalise the experience.

When quizzed on what they wanted to see more of in images relating to hair removal products, 32 per cent of us wanted to see more of hard-to-reach spots, while 30 per cent of Brits wanted to see more relatable body shapes in pics.

New images on the Argos website will show the realities of hair removal (

As a result, both the Argos and Phillips websites will now use refreshed images of IPL hair removal, to promote Philips' Lumea product (£239.99).

"The new Argos images aim to update depictions of hair removal, celebrating and embracing the diversity of hair removal experiences," says the high street brand.

Both Argos and Phillips will now depict 'real' images of hair removal (

The store is also encouraging Brits to share their own hair removal experiences on social media, by using the hashtag #MyHairRemoval in a bid to normalise talking about our grooming routines.

Jess Pasco, Argos's senior buyer for personal care, said: "We all have different needs when it comes to hair removal, but by posting images of real hair removal on our website, we're opening up the conversation and encouraging our customers to be honest about body hair.

32 per cent of Brits polled wanted to see more photos of hard-to-reach spots (

"We want our customers to see themselves reflected in these images and feeling reassured that we understand that the reality of hair removal isn't as glamorous as it is often seen online."

Jess Gregory, Philips Lumea's marketing manager, added: "Hair removal doesn't need to be a chore or something we're embarrassed about - it's a part of our everyday routines. We want women who use Lumea to feel empowered by their hair removal and what works best for them, through a personalised programme to suit their needs and choices."

Amazing news!

Featured Image Credit: Argos/Phillips

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