Woman Leaves Brutally Honest Amazon Review For 'Anti Cellulite Leggings'

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Woman Leaves Brutally Honest Amazon Review For 'Anti Cellulite Leggings'

Buying clothes online is always a risk. Something can look super stylish on the model, but when it arrives it can be a whole other story.

Case in point, the new "anti-cellulite, butt lifting" leggings that everyone is bragging about on TikTok.

These leggings sound pretty dreamy at first. With a rhombus texture, they're supposed to "mask the appearance of cellulite and imperfections" and "provide you the right compression".

The leggings, from Amazon brand, Yamom, also promise to make your derriere look like a "juicy peach" (quite the claim!).


However, it would be fair to say that one reviewer had a rather different experience with them.

One reviewer had some hilarious thoughts on the purchase (Credit: Amazon)
One reviewer had some hilarious thoughts on the purchase (Credit: Amazon)

Leaving a two star review of the $32.88 (£23.34) leggings, the buyer hilariously wrote: "Okay. So I bought these after seeing some TikTok videos claiming these make your booty look really good.

"I was hopeful. See, I have a Hank Hill type butt so anything that can enhance my rear end is very welcomed.


"I put these bad boys on and am amazed at the comfort. They fit as expected. the tummy control is amazing. But the enhancing feature of the rushed behind is less than stellar in my opinion."

She added: "I feel like you have to have at least a smidgen of something to work with to make these flatter your splatter cannon.

"Since I have nothing, these leggings make me look like a sloppy waffle on a plate after a drunken 3 am binge at Waffle House. Overall, I'm not completely dissatisfied.

"Like I previously mentioned, they are comfortable, fit as expected, and have great tummy control.

The leggings claim to be 'butt-lifting' (Credit: Amazon)
The leggings claim to be 'butt-lifting' (Credit: Amazon)

"But, ladies and gents, if you are looking to buy this in the hopes of enhancing your fart factor, just know you might end up looking like roadkill during rush hour traffic - flat AF."

LOL. We want this girl to narrate our lives.

Now, it's worth mentioning that these leggings do have a lot of five star ratings, too. In fact, 65 per cent of the reviews give the highest possible rating, and they're actually pretty gushing.


One buyer said they had ordered them "in every colour available" because they loved them so much, while another agreed that they were "super comfy and help camouflage my skin imperfections".

However, there are some that agree that the leggings don't possess magical bottom-growing powers.


"I was promised a butt lift and did not receive it. Besides them not working miracles on my flat booty, these are fantastic leggings," one person wrote.

While another added: "These leggings have SO much hype. and they just fell short for me.

"i don't have a big butt and so I was hoping these would lift my butt and look really cute but instead I honestly felt like it made my butt look more flat and square than my typical pair of leggings.

"Not flattering at all. If you have a big butt than these are great for you but they dont flatter us small booty girls in my opinion."

You heard it here first guys. Anything that claims to reduce cellulite or grow your booty online is probably too good to be true.

Still, they look pretty comfy?!

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