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People Left Baffled As Woman Asks For Advice On 'Identical' Shoes

People Left Baffled As Woman Asks For Advice On 'Identical' Shoes

People were mega confused over the post.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Facebook users were left baffled this week after a woman asked for advice over a pair of shoes.

The woman took to social media with a picture of two heels, asking which style users preferred. Except the shoes looked absolutely identical.

"This seems like a ridiculous dilemma but which would you keep?" She asked.

"The only difference is the material but one pair is almost £10 more! I don't know why I'm finding it so difficult."

The woman asked for advice over a pair of identical heels (

We have to admit, the shoes look exactly the same on first glance. And people were struggling to see the difference, with one writing: "They both look the same."

While another said: "£10 difference and they are identical."

And a third added: "I can't see a difference."

On further inspection, it seems as though the shoes are slightly different. While they both feature the same open back and crossover straps, they appear to be made from different materials, which could explain the difference in price.

While one looks like a soft suede, the other seems to be a leather-style. We'd go for whatever is comfiest!

One seemed to be a suede style (

In other fashion news, people are only just discovering how to pronounce 'Primark' - and you might be surprised.

While those of us in England have often call it Pr-Eye-Mark, some in Scotland, and a few in Ireland, instead call the brand 'Pr-ee-mark'.

Looking to settle the debate, one woman posted on the Facebook group 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas': "Ahh, the age old (well not quite, but, you know) debate on how to pronounce 'this'.

Finally, we know how to pronounce Primark (

"Well, not anymore! I've always said it like this, but my family are absolutely determined it's pronounced 'Preeeeemark.' Well family, you are wrong!"

The woman then posted a screenshot from the Primark website, which includes the query titled 'How do you pronounce Primark?'

The shop responds: "That's a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark."

Debate settled!

Featured Image Credit: Boohoo

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