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People Are Just Discovering How To Pronounce Primark

People Are Just Discovering How To Pronounce Primark

The debate has been settled.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We never knew this, but it seems depending on where you live, we've all been saying Primark completely differently.

While those of us in England have always called it Pr-Eye-Mark, some of us in Scotland, and a few in Ireland, instead call the legendary budget brand 'Pr-ee-mark'.

Well, only one of us can be right!

Looking to settle the debate, one woman posted on the Facebook group 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas': "Ahh, the age old (well not quite, but, you know) debate on how to pronounce 'this'.

The store has spoken (

"Well, not anymore! I've always said it like this, but my family are absolutely determined it's pronounced 'Preeeeemark.'

"Well family, you are wrong!"

The woman then posted a screenshot from the Primark website, which includes the query titled 'How do you pronounce Primark?'

The shop responds: "That's a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark."But people still aren't happy, despite the actual shop explaining that's exactly how say it.

The Primark debate still rages (

"Here in Northern Ireland it's always been Pree-mark," one person responded. "And it was here a long time before it opened in England. The only people here who call it Primark are English people."

A second chipped in: "I live in Scotland and they all say Pree-mark. My question to them is - did you go to pre-mary school?"

Others made a valid point about spelling (

While some just call the budget brand 'Primarni' (

However, others staunchly added that it was most definitely Primark as in, Pr-eye-mark.

"It's not Pre-mark, otherwise it'd be spelt Premark," one person rightly pointed out.

The message was only emphasised by TikTokker Georgia Pontin, who held the debate in a video.

Having worked at Primark, she said she pronounced it as Pr-Eye-Mark, but wanted to settle the debate in the comments - with the vast majority saying the store-endorsed pronunciation as correct.

"Team Pry-,mark," wrote one user, added a crown, while a second added: "If you see Pree-mark I hope your charger never works again and you never find another one."

But there's something we can all agree with. None of us should really be calling it Primark (or Penney's if you're in the Republic of Ireland).

We should all be calling it 'Pri-marni'.

"Primarni is the only way forward," someone joked, while a second added, "Primani is acceptable, if not better.:

Fair play to all, call it what you want.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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