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Goth Crocs Exist And We Don’t Know What To Think

Goth Crocs Exist And We Don’t Know What To Think

Goth Crocs are the latest trend from the divisive shoe brand - but surprisingly, everyone seems to be loving them

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

Crocs are a divisive item to wear even at their most plain and simple, but we really don't know what to think of the latest incarnation of the foam shoes: a goth-inspired pair.


The goth Crocs, which are sold on Etsy, look like standard crocs at first sight, with their familiar round shape, foam material, front holes and back sling. However, these come complete with thick nickel-plated spikes and a high sheen stainless steel chain.

While many Twitter users questioned whether the goth Crocs were an April Fool's Day prank, others rushed to the platform to gush about how much they wanted a pair.

One Twitter user said: "i will instantly marry any man that gives me the goth crocs you guys don't understand what those shoes mean to me", while on Instagram, fans gushed: "I need a pair" and "I love them".

Another person lamented: "the only thing that's upset me more than the phenomenon that is 'goth Crocs' is the fact that no one has f*cking called it 'punk-Croc' yet".

Designed by Instagrammer @garbage_b0y, the goth crocs are sold on Etsy store HeavyCreamStore for £190.60, and for extra money you can add an ankle chain, a large side spike or even both if you're feeling flash.

They're also shipped from the USA, so you'll have to pay £28.30 for delivery to the UK.

If goth crocs don't quite float your boat, there are plenty of other inventive reimagining of Crocs you can opt for instead.

These Balenciaga Crocs divided opinion when they came out, while if you want to pay tribute to the fire emoji, you can do so with these flame-covered Crocs.

And if nature is your thing and you want to enjoy the great outdoors even when you're sitting indoors enjoying a Netflix binge, these grass-covered Crocs may or may not be a fabulous idea.

Featured Image Credit: Etsy

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