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Canadian Fashion Brand Creates £6,000 Thigh High 'Human Skin' Boots

Canadian Fashion Brand Creates £6,000 Thigh High 'Human Skin' Boots

A Canadian fashion brand, Matieres Fecales, has created thigh high boots, which look like they've been made from human skin.

The alien-esque footwear comes with toes as well as devilish horns and a heel protruding out of the sole, and the creation is unique to say the least.

Matieres Fecales (French for fecal matter) is set to sell the boots for $10,000, which is approximately £5,931, meaning they are truly an investment piece for your Halloween wardrobe.


The fashion brand's founders, Hannah Rose Dalton and her partner Steven Raj Bhaskaran, have created a collection built on freakishly fantastic, out-of-this-world designs.

The creators first introduced the boots to the world in a photo earlier this year, although they were partially Photoshopped onto the model's foot and not wearable at this point.

Following a huge response from their followers, Hannah and Steven wanted to create the shoe in real life.

Speaking of the original image, Steven told Vogue: "Everyone was like, 'Is it [the shoe] Photoshopped? Is it not Photoshopped?' We wanted to put it out in real life."


He continued: "We can get this alien look and present it and tweak it with Photoshop and make it look really realistic.

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"But at the same time, there is always this dysphoria in us. There is this urge inside of us to take what we do on the Internet and try to create that via real life. That is what we are doing with the shoes."

Matieres Fecales' Instagram page is littered with pictures of Hannah wearing the shoes, even taking a few steps in the footwear as baffled bystanders look on.

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The response to the footwear, which took four trial versions to create, has been divided.

"Your style is really fun," exclaimed one person, but somebody else shared: "If I saw that walking down my street I'd move to Mars."

Each part of the shoe is made from silicon, being shaped to match Hannah's leg.


There are even little hairs to make the creation even more lifelike, as well as a moles and natural dents.

Details on how you can purchase a pair haven't yet been released, but you can browse through Matieres Fecales' Instagram and Depop page here.

Featured Image Credit: @matieresfecales

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