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Woman Mortified By Tailor-Made Dress That Looks Nothing Like What She Ordered

Woman Mortified By Tailor-Made Dress That Looks Nothing Like What She Ordered

The TikToker was shook at what arrived.

We've all ordered something online, only to be shocked when it arrives looks absolutely nothing like the photos on the website.

One woman on TikTok was mortified when she ordered an occasion dress online, tailor made to her measurements, only for it to look very different when she tried it on.

You can watch the video below:

Delivia, who goes by @delivia_26 on TikTok, was stunned when the dress arrived. Posting what the style looked like online, Delivia explained she was 'in tears' over what arrived, as she shared a photo of herself trying on the design.

While the advertised style was gold in colour with a floor-length bodycon fit, what arrived was very different. The ill-fitting style was pink in colour, with gold threading and bright pink tulle around the sleeves.

"This is wickedness, as if they didn’t take my measurement," Delivia captioned the video.

And other TikTokers were totally horrified, with many claiming that the fit of the dress wasn't the only issue.

Delivia ordered the dress online.

One person wrote: "The measurements is the least of what’s going on here!!!"

While another said: "What you ordered vs what you get."

And a third added: "THE WAY I GASPED."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "My mouth literally dropped open. I was like it can't be that bad and then boommmm."

"Girl that's a whole different dress you got!" said a fifth.

The dress was totally different when it arrived.

In other fashion news, we recently told you how one woman has been hitting back at trolls who have accused her of dressing 'too young' for her age.

Fashion influencer Antonia Fifi - who is in her forties and goes by @tonififi on TikTok - has been clapping back at trolls who have been criticising her outfit choices.

In one video, Antonia, who lives in Canada, can be seen walking through a festival in a cut out midi dress, captioning the video: "POV. You're over 40 and living life for YOU and not for approval."

In the video, Antonia had responded to a comment which said: "So if you 60 you will wear a cropped shirt? Dress your age."

And followers have been rushing to Antonia's defence, with one person commenting on the video: "I'm 31 but in 9 years I'll be wearing the same things and still going to festivals and raves getting 'old' ain't for everyone!"

You can read more on Antonia's story here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@delivia_26

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