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Woman Hits Back After Being Told To 'Dress Her Age'

Woman Hits Back After Being Told To 'Dress Her Age'

Antonia doesn't stand for people telling her how she should dress.

A woman has been hitting back at trolls who have accused her of dressing 'too young' for her age.

Fashion expert Antonia Fifi - who is in her forties and goes by @tonififi on TikTok - has been clapping back at trolls who have been criticising her outfit choices.

In one video, Antonia, who lives in Canada, can be seen walking through a festival in a cut out midi dress, captioning the video: "POV. You're over 40 and living life for YOU and not for approval."

In the video, Antonia had responded one comment, which said: "So if you 60 you will wear a cropped shirt? Dress your age."

And followers have been rushing to Antonia's defence, with one person commenting on the video: "I'm 31 but in 9 years I'll be wearing the same things and still going to festivals and raves getting 'old' ain't for everyone!"

While another said: "What does 'dress your age' even mean? You’re an adult, you make your own choices and can do what you want."

And a third added: "That dress is fabulous. I am about to be 63 and I would wear it with confidence."

Meanwhile another commented: "Gorgeous who made these archaic rules about how mature women dress? Keep doing you."

Toni looked fab in a cut out midi.

In a separate video, Antonia responded to a second comment that said: "To be honest mini skirts suit no one, unless your legs are like Naomi and you're 20."

But the fashion expert wasn't having any of it, sharing a video of herself looking fab in a white mini skirt with beige shirt and black sandals.

"To all my ladies over 40, ignore them. Girl you look GOOD! Girl you look HOT!" She wrote alongside the clip.

And other followers were in total agreement, with another responding: "I’m 38 and I still rock anything I want.. girl you do you.. you look amazing."

While a second replied: "Why do people say those things? I am 52 and adore mini skirts."

And a third said: "Whyyyyyy do ppl say those things??? GIIIIRRRLLLLL YOU LOOK FABULOUS."

Meanwhile in a third video, Antonia could be seen looking amazing as she walked down the beach in her swimwear.

"The BEST part of ageing is appreciating that the days are long but the years are short. Do it now! Don’t wait! Life IS delicious!" She wrote.

We love Antonia's attitude - and we think she looks incredible!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tonififi

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