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Woman divides opinions after cutting nan’s wedding dress into a co-ord

Woman divides opinions after cutting nan’s wedding dress into a co-ord

Viewers are divided after a woman cuts up her nan’s wedding dress

A woman has well and truly divided the internet after cutting up her nan's third generation wedding dress into a rehearsal outfit.

While some thought it was a sweet gesture, others thought it was pretty shocking. Watch below:

TikToker @brittanyltibbs went viral on the platform after sharing a video of her nan's reaction to wearing what was left of her original wedding dress.

After showing before and after photos of the dress, viewers saw that Brittany has turned the garment into a chic co-ord for her rehearsal dinner.

“Third generation wedding dress turned into a rehearsal dress,” she wrote in the caption.

In the short clip, the TikToker walks into the wedding venue wearing a chic ivory lace two-piece with puff-sleeves.

The woman surprised her nan with a cut up version of her wedding dress.

As Brittany walks closer to her nan, the elderly woman's jaw-dropping reaction sees her shouting: "Oh my god… no way."

In the emotional moment the nan gives her granddaughter a tight-hug.

Later on in the clip, we get to see what the original dress looked like on her nan.

It featured long sleeves and scoop neckline, along with a short, shoulder-length veil.

Brittany also shows pictures of what the dress looked like when her mum wore it.

Looking a little different to the previous dress, the garment had undergone some changes with the addition of puff sleeves and a flattering sweetheart neckline.

The TikToker showed what the original dress looked like.

The clip, which was uploaded six days ago, has racked up almost 10 million views.

Some viewers were completely shocked by the video, as one person wrote: "Wouldn't have cut it into 2 pieces. You can alter it to be the more current style but now the next generation doesn't have a dress…"

A second added: "The cut is gorgeous but i would hate to cut such a dress if it were for 3 gens."

"This is why I can’t wear my mother’s dress because my sister took it completely apart and altered it to the point I can’t fit into it," a third said.

The decision has left people divided.

Meanwhile, others thought the whole moment was just 'precious'.

Another person wrote: "This is so sweet. Also the dress is beautiful on everyone."

Someone else said: "Realistically if it’s the 3rd gen I wouldn’t be mad it got cut, fashion changes. I’d just be happy seeing it kept in the family!"

“I’m in tears,” a third commented.

What do you think of Brittany's decision?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@brittanyltibbs

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