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Woman takes drastic action after finding sister’s Christmas present in charity shop

Woman takes drastic action after finding sister’s Christmas present in charity shop

She really took it to the next level

Christmas is meant to be a time of giving where we all search for the perfect present to gift our loved ones.

However, it's not not everyone enjoys their presents after one woman took some pretty drastic action after finding her sister’s Christmas present in a charity shop.

Let's be fair, everybody gets a bit of a duff Christmas gift every now and then and it's always a bit of a hassle to deal with - but this woman really took it to the next level. Have a look:

Maybe you've already got the thing someone gifted you and it's just an unfortunate case of doubling up, or the well meaning gift-giver has genuinely goofed and got you something you just don't want.

When you get a bit of a naff gift you'd rather not have there's a few ways you can play it, with the most common being to pretend you like it and then just kind of put it away in a cupboard somewhere.

Ellie and her mum found the bag on a charity shop shelf.

Alternatively, you might want to nip the whole saga in the bud and just ask the gift giver if they kept the receipt so their investment in your happiness doesn't go to waste but you can switch it for something better.

Then there's the other option, pretending you like it when you receive the gift before offloading it at the earliest opportunity and hoping nobody ever asks you about it.

That's what one woman did with a red handbag her mum bought her for Christmas, but she appears to have been rumbled after her mum and sister spotted it in a local charity shop a few days later.

Posting her discovery to TikTok, Ellie Clarkson revealed the moment she and her mum saw the distinctive red bag on the shelves while out shopping just four days after Christmas.

She then decided to pull a prank on her sister, sending her some photos of the bag along with a note asking: "Why don't you want me?"

Ellie hatched a plan to let her sister know she'd found the unwanted Christmas gift.

Some people were a bit saddened that they'd found a Christmas gift in a charity shop just days after the festive period, with one person saying it would 'hurt my heart if my daughter did that'.

However, others suggested there was nothing wrong with donating gifts you didn't want, as 'you don't have to like every gift you receive' and at least someone else could enjoy it.

Another wondered if the whole thing was actually just some coincidence, asking 'can you imagine if she still had the bag?' and hadn't actually dropped it off at all.

Others suggested ways to further the prank, with one person recommending that Ellie hide the bag somewhere in her sister's house so she'd think it was 'cursed' when she discovered it.

Someone else suggested they should keep the bag and simply 'gift it to her again next Christmas', which is very much playing the long game.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ellieclarkson3

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