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Primark shoppers ‘obsessed’ with new Grinch-inspired Christmas range

Primark shoppers ‘obsessed’ with new Grinch-inspired Christmas range

The theme is green at Primark this Christmas, with the launch of its brand new range inspired by the Dr Seuss character

Primark is stealing Christmas this year by launching a Grinch-inspired range and people are ‘obsessed’.

The theme is green at the UK retail giant which just launched a brand new line for the festive season inspired by the iconic Dr Seuss character. It’s the high street store’s biggest ever seasonal collection, with a massive focus on pyjamas, which we’re all very pleased about this winter.

The Grinch Christmas range at Primark.

Since we all love being warm and cozy at home, it should come as no surprise people are already obsessing over it. The Primark Grinch collection includes pieces ranging from accessories, to home items and gifts.

The prices for the diverse range, which includes 69 products are also affordable, ranging from £1 to £25. You can grab family-matching Grinch pyjamas, baby sleepsuits, cosy jumpers, slippers and socks and a blanket hoodie (called a snuddie).

The Grinch range has gone down well with Dr Seuss fans.

There are also great stocking fillers as well, like a furry Grinch phone case, a Grinch mug and good ol’ Christmas socks.

Primark’s official Instagram account posted a video to promote the new Grinch collection and the comments section quickly filled up with excitement.

“This is my heaven,” one follower wrote.

“Bloody brilliant,” someone else commented.

“I’m obsessed,” wrote a third follower.

“Literally my dream,” another shopper gushed.

Thanks to Primark, you can opt to buy new Grinch pyjamas and curl up on the sofa and watch the 2000 film adaptation of the Dr Seuss classic starring Jim Carrey, How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

But beware because in 2021, people noticed one key moment in the film that ruined their childhoods.

The subtle moment in the beloved Jim Carrey film was overlooked by many young viewers, and has shocked people who decided to stream it.

One shocked viewer shared the scene to social media, warning others: "When you see it, you can't unsee it."

Check out Primark's wild Grinch furry phone case.

The childhood-shattering moment comes as the Grinch's origins are explained.

In the scene, we see a baby Grinch left outside a home in Whoville during Christmas.

Inside, a party is in full swing, so no one notices the little green infant outside.

But upon closer inspection, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed party guests putting their keys in a glass bowl...

After rewatching the scene on TikTok at the time, some viewers still weren't entirely sure what was going on, so if you're still confused, you're not alone.

One user explained that the bowl of keys hints that the celebration was, in fact, a swingers party.

Yes, really.

They wrote: "For those who don't know... you pick a random set of keys after the party... and go home with that person."

We know what we're watching this Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: Primark

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