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You can now get temporary tattoos of your best friend and partner's face

You can now get temporary tattoos of your best friend and partner's face

Just like the days of matching friendship bracelets!

Who else remembers trawling the shelves of Claire's Accessories at the weekend to pick out the perfect friendship necklace for you and your best mate?

It was always the one with the two pieces of a heart for me. Good times, eh?

While many of us are now well into adulthood and our Claire's splurges are sadly behind us, there's now another way we can pay homage to our most treasured friendship or relationships.

And no, it's not a sentimental jewellery engraving, a matching t-shirt or scrapbook.

It's a little bit more personal than that - a temporary tattoo, to be specific.

You're probably scratching your head right now, but to be fair it's not as much dedication as a permanent tattoo.

Available to buy on the Esty shop lilimandrill, which hails itself as 'The Best Hand Drawn Custom Portrait Stamps & Tattoos', you can now quite literally have a picture of your mate or partner's face stamped onto you.

And if that wasn't enough, you can even have their name printed underneath.

The tats are said to last for around two to three days on the skin, and the seller will send you a sketch version for you to approve before the tattoo is made.

What do you think?

Price-wise, they aren't on the cheap side, though.

A pack of five 'couples portrait' tattoos will set you back £91.56, while five single portraits will cost £70.98.

Turns out there's quite a market for these personalised temporary tats, as the store has received over 9,000 glowing reviews from customers.

"Such a great gift. Seller is great to work with and the quality of the product is unbeatable!" wrote one happy customer.

Another gushed: "Ordered these for my sister and husbands 30th anniversary! They were a big hit and oh so cute! I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you so much for your creativity!"

Meanwhile, a third said: "Thank you so much! The tattoos are perfect. Big recommendation!", as a fourth added that they actually used them as little wedding favours: "Very realistic and well done. Used as rehearsal dinner favors. They were a hit!"

That's a great idea, to be fair.

There's a whole range of options.

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