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M&S Confirms It's Renamed Its Nude Clothing Range

M&S Confirms It's Renamed Its Nude Clothing Range

The retailer has been making changes since 202 to be more inclusive and embrace diversity

Marks and Spencer has confirmed it has renamed 'nude' products across many of its ranges, as the retailer looks to show ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The renaming has been in motion since early 2020 with changes across the retailer's products happening last year.

The move from the high street chain comes as nude has previously been associated with light or fair skin tones, and could be seen as excluding darker skin tones. The renaming move includes lipstick, lingerie and tights amongst other products.

The new updated descriptions will aim to be more inclusive of darker skin tones. (

The word nude has been eradicated and replaced with terms such as 'opaline' or 'almond' as well as updating terminology for darker skin tone items too.

For underwear items like the range of Flexifit Wired Full-Cup T-Shirt Bra, the names for darker skin tones have been updated in line with the move. Previously named shades such as 'tobacco', 'cocoa' and 'cinnamon' have now been updated to 'topaz', 'rich quartz' and 'rich amber'.

In makeup, the UK wide retailer has already updated language on its website for own brand products. Other brands now use 'nude' only when refering to all shades, as seen for the description of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. The description now reads: "Noticed something different? We’ve been reviewing our product and colour names in line with our commitment to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

"We’re removing any names that we don’t believe reflect this commitment. This product used to have a variant called Nude which we have amended to Almond.

"Please don’t worry if the name on the packaging looks different, our packaging takes a little longer to update."

Using the term 'nude' has previously been associated with light or fair skin tones. (

In June 2021, Marks and Spencer released a statement highlighting its commitment to "creating an inclusive culture" for both customers and staff.

The statement vowed ensure the retailer's marketing would be more inclusive going forward and look to include "people of different races, ethnicities, shapes, sizes and disabilities."

It also said: "We’re also constantly reviewing our product offer to make sure we’re more relevant, more often for all customers."

Tyla has contacted Marks & Spencer for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/M&S

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