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People Are Cackling At This Hilarious Mix-Up Over A Bra Advert

People Are Cackling At This Hilarious Mix-Up Over A Bra Advert

Lounge Underwear published an ad on their Instagram story that has people cackling.

Sometimes there are hilarious ad mix-ups that causes social media to lose it - and this latest ad by Lounge Underwear is a prime example.

Posting on their Instagram stories, Lounge Underwear uploaded a photo of a model wearing their Pearl Illustration Balcony bra.

Seems simple enough, right? But, this ad shows the model's left boob expanded to four times the size of the right boob, making them both incredibly uneven.

Though it might seem like a mistake, it was actually done on purpose in order to show customers the lace design on the bra in detail.

Lounge Underwear released the ad on their Instagram Stories. (
Lounge Underwear)

But, fans did not take it that way at first, making hilarious comments about it on Twitter.

One person wrote, "I thought this lassie on lounge underwear ads had one giant t** but obviously it's so you can see the lace," drawing attention to the ad in the first place.

Another joked in the comments, "Another unrealistic body expectation for women."

A third said, "For God's sake, they couldn't find another way to show it?"

"Finally, a realistic representation of a natural female body," a fourth said satirically.

The ad is part of their Illustrate Your Beauty campaign. (
Lounge Underwear)

Some even joked that this woman was Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend, referring to the rapper's recent tweet stating that getting the vaccine cause her cousin's testicle to expand in size – despite there being no evidence to support her claim.

"This is actually my cousin's friend. She got the vaccine and her left t** became swollen. She was weeks away from getting married, now the guy called off the wedding. So just pray on it and make sure you're comfortable with your decision, not bullied," someone wrote, parodying Minaj's tweet on the subject.

Lounge Underwear responded to the original tweet and said: "Well, one's always bigger than the other," as many women have self-reported that one of their breasts is slightly bigger.

Featured Image Credit: Onne Beauty/Unsplash

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