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Woman sends people into meltdown after making 'terrifying' discovery in the shower

Woman sends people into meltdown after making 'terrifying' discovery in the shower

She said it was the 'reality of Australia'

A woman has shared the 'reality of living in Australia' after making a 'terrifying' discovery in her bathroom - and people are losing it.

Anna Paul is an influencer from the Gold Coast who shares vlogs about her everyday life with her 7.2 million TikTok followers under the handle @anna..paul.

However, in a recent video, the Aussie suffered a 'jumpscare' after spotting a horrifying creature in the shower with her - which seems to happen quite a bit Down Under.

You can see who her visitor was here:

Anna was just having a shower when she noticed that a huntsman spider was keeping her company.

But that was nowhere near the most skin-crawling thing about her experience.

Speaking into her toothbrush, the influencer said: "Bro, I was just trying to save this spider in the shower and looked what happened...

"It crawled up my leg."

She then pans the camera down to her leg to reveal just that.

She called the incident 'the reality of living in Australia.'

The spider is then seen continuing to climb Anna's body before coming to rest in her hand so she could safely remove it from the shower.

“Bro, I did not expect this to crawl up my naked body this morning in the shower. What the f***.” she continued.

“This is the reality of Australia.”

And the viral clip, which has been viewed more than five million times, has overseas viewers screaming 'nope!'

When Anna tried to save the huntsman spider, it starting crawling up her leg.

One person wrote: “My soul would have lifted from my limp body almost instantly," while another added: “The way my jaw actually dropped.”

A third commented: “This is why I could never live in Australia.”

Others, however, were impressed by how chilled Anna was about the whole thing.

“Anna babe go on fear factor bc the way you’re not even phased is insane,” one person suggested.

Another wrote: “Once upon a time I found a spider in my room I slept in the living room for the next six months no kidding."

Although, Aussies seem pretty content to share their space with their eight-legged neighbours - with one family even going so far as to share their house with a spider.

She seemed pretty chill with the whole thing to be honest.

Back in 2020, Jake Grey, from Cairns in Queensland, shared on the Australian Spider Identification Group: "Check out this big girl. Been watching her grow over last year."

It appears as if the spider is a huntsman - a very common breed of spider in the Land Down Under - and while they can grow to be huge and run at a terrifyingly fast speed, they're harmless to us humans.

And they also make chill roommates apparently, with Jake saying that the spider - who they named Charlotte - never 'bothered' them, just ate bugs and 'popped up room to room'.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@anna..paul

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