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Chunky Belts Are Making A Comeback And Hell No

Chunky Belts Are Making A Comeback And Hell No

Please, don't let this be back in our lives.

The Y2K renaissance means that we're seeing some of the most iconic looks of the 2000s come back into style. However, this fashion trend is making a comeback and tbh, it should stay in the past.

Forced down our throats as the ultimate accessory to complete a look, the stars of the noughties all wore a chunky belt.

While we tolerated it back then though, celebrities have recently been trying to sneak the trend into the 2020s and we can't let this happen.

Paris Hilton was always one for chucking on a massive belt (

Paris Hilton was the queen on a chunky belt. Whether it was a night out or a formal event, she added this accessory to every look because it is apparently not enough to highlight the waist, we must also overwhelm it.

Every big name, from Kim Kardashian to Blake Lively, would buckle up to get ready for the paps and subsequently pressure the rest of us to find a belt to strap over our butterfly tunic tops.

Keira Knightley arrived at the Pride and Prejudice premiere in 2005 in a Roland Mouret dress (

However, there were sometimes exceptions to when a big belt actually helped a look.

Such as when Keira Knightley attended the 2005 Pride & Prejudice where she wore a Roland Mouret dress with a coordinated black belt - a good ensemble, for sure.

But this outfit is very much in the minority, with its peers not quite achieving the same level of taste.

Despite its murky history, we now have stars like Dua Lipa influencing the masses to go back to this dark time where an accentuated waist meant huge buckles digging into your ribs.

And it looks like the red carpets of 2021 may be going one step further with the buckles getting EVEN MORE massive.

Kathryn Hahn attended the 2021 Emmys with a gigantic belt last week (

Wandavision sensation Kathryn Hahn adorned what was possibly the biggest buckle of all time at the 2021 Emmys that led to people having flashbacks to '00s trends.

One person on Twitter pleaded: "do not bring back the big belt industrial complex i am begging".

Someone else wrote: "It needs to be shoved in the same drawer as low rise jeans and Limited Too layered tanks".

Another tweeter was more forgiving though: "I choose to ignore this sartorial slip-up due to my being very much in love with her".

Why is Little J's belt so big? That's one secret she'll never tell (

The big belt plagued the red carpets and photoshoots of the noughties but it's been haunting our nightmares ever since.

So while we may be in the age of Gossip Girl reboots and your old outfits making an appearance on depop accounts, let's say no to our waists being literally bound like this.

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