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Skincare expert explains how to really use microfibre cloths

Skincare expert explains how to really use microfibre cloths

Skincare guru Farnaz Khan has explained how to really use microfibre cloths

Now, we all have differing routines when it comes to how we each take care of our skin.

Whether you're a 12-step skincare gal or a quick and easy moisturiser and go kinda person - one thing many of us have in common is scrubbing off our make-up after the end of a long day.

Make-up wipes are now a thing of the past ever since microfibre cloths hit the scene promising to remove all that slap in just a matter of seconds with no extra product needed.

One skincare expert has shared her top tips when using microfibre cloths.
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But, it would seem that many of us have been using the time-saving product incorrectly so, luckily, one skincare expert has come to the rescue explaining how to really use microfibre cloths.

Skincare guru and founder of SXCGLO, Farnaz Khan, has given us the rundown on all things microfibre cloths.

Benefits of using microfibre cloths

So, first things first, what are the actual benefits of using a microfibre cloth?

Well, Farnaz explains that microfibre cloths are designed to cleanse and exfoliate with finesse.

Not only that, but they also 'effortlessly' remove make-up, impurities, and environmental toxins.

All that, in short, ends up leaving your skin 'impeccably clean and rejuvenated'.

Microfibre cloths 'effortlessly' remove make-up with no need for additional cleanser.
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Cons of using microfibre cloths

Right, well that all sounds incredible but what are the downsides of the cheap and cheery product that's totally revolutionised the faff of rubbing away at your masacra-caked eyes for eternity after a night out with a flimsy cotton pad.

The skincare guru tells Tyla: "While microfibre cloths offer numerous benefits, it's essential to maintain proper hygiene by washing it after each use.

"Failure to do so may lead to the accumulation of bacteria."

However, Farnaz assures, microfibre cloths will remain 'clean and safe for skin' with 'regular laundering'.

How often do you need to wash your microfibre cloth?

As someone guilty of probably leaving it a little too long to chuck my foundation-stained one in the wash - this is definitely something I should listen to.

Farnaz recommends washing your microfibre cloth 'after each use' in order to ensure 'optimal hygiene and longevity'.

"This simple practice helps to remove any accumulated residue, preserving its effectiveness and cleanliness for future use," she notes.

Microfibre cloths are also friendlier to the planet.
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Best choice

So what is the actual difference between using a microfibre cloth, make-up wipes, and cotton pads then?

The expert tells us: "Unlike disposable make-up wipes and cotton pads, our reusable microfibre cloth offers a sustainable solution for your skincare routine."

Think of it as a kind of environmentally 2-for-1 as they provide 'gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing' without the need for additional cleansers.

So, it'll make your skin, your wallet and the planet happier - talk about a win, win, win!

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