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Primark set to discontinue cotton pads

Primark set to discontinue cotton pads

The store has offered a divisive replacement

Any beauty gurus out there will know all about the obsession with Primark's cotton pads.

Whether used for removing makeup and nail polish or applying toner and even cleaning up - I'm sure many of us have hung up one of these bad boys in our bathroom at some point or another.

However, that era seems to have come to an end after Primark announced its stores are set to discontinue the disposable cotton pads and have replaced the beloved product with a more 'sustainable' alternative. Have a look:

Primark Irvine's official TikTok page broke the news to Brits who have since been left divided over the discontinuation.

Promoting the more 'sustainable' and all-round 'good for the environment' product, the company captioned the clip: "Our cotton pads are being discontinued but we have new reusable cleansing pads in store now."

The short clip has since gone viral after clocking up more than 463,000 views in just the one day since it was first posted to the platform alongside hundreds upon hundreds of comments from shoppers eager to share their reactions to the news.

A few seemed slightly worried by the discontinuation with one TikTok user hitting out: "They’re the only reason I go into Primark. Yeah I end up buying other items too then but will only go into one when I’m there to buy these babies!"

"Why?" questioned a second. "I can’t use things on my face that goes in the washing machine my face [gets] a reaction I’m sure loads of people are the same."

The discontinuation of the disposable cotton pads comes as part of the Primark Cares initiative.

Some wondered how the reusable pads will compare to the disposable ones.

"How will I remove my nail varnish?" wondered one while another chimed in: "But what do I use to put my face toner on."

A final sceptic hit out: "Looks like I’ll be buying my cotton pads elsewhere then."

Many others, however, were totally onboard with the retailer's move to be greener, with one praising: "I brought the reusable pads and you don't need any product - the makeup just comes off!! Good product!!"

A second penned: "I love these, I’ve got two packets they are so good!"

A final TikTok user echoed: "I bought them! They are actually amazing."

Primark has since released a statement on the reusable pads.

Reusable cleansing pads have been offered to shoppers as a more 'sustainable' alternative.

"Goodbye single-use and hello reusable!" the website states. "Our reusable cleansing pads have landed in-store and are set to be your new fave skincare tool.

"Now, we know how convenient disposable cotton pads can be in your skincare routine. Take one out the packet, remove your makeup, toss in the bin and done.

"However, as part of our Primark Cares initiative, we want to do more to reduce waste across our business and encourage our customers to do the same."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@primarkirvine/Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

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