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Woman shows how ‘mewing’ can completely change your side profile

Woman shows how ‘mewing’ can completely change your side profile

The top tip has gone viral on TikTok

Ever seen a snap your mate papped of you from the side and nearly got sent into total nervy b?

Well, you're not alone as many of us have suffered with the same fate, but one woman has since come to the rescue of people all over giving a top tip on how to get that jawline looking snatched and picture-perfect in just a few seconds.

The viral beauty trick can completely change your side profile and it seems the internet is going absolutely mad for it.

Kaci Shiers has shown the internet how they can do the viral 'mewing' technique.

TikToker, Kaci Shiers, has taken to the platform to share with her 1.2 million followers just how easily the hack can be achieved.

The woman has a whole bunch of videos on her page praising the miracle of 'mewing' also dubbing it her 'party trick'.

In one video, which has since clocked up more than 4.8 million views, Kaci wrote in overlay text: "So you don't have a special trick to get a jawline? Contouring? Gua sha? Filler?" as she shook her head from side to side.

The text then read: "Mewing?" to which she performed the incredible trick.

Another video sees the content creator re-enacting a scene I'm sure we know all too well.

"Noticing someone taking a picture from the side," the text read as Kaci showed just how easy and quick it was to 'mew'.

So what on earth actually is it and what kind of witchcraft is Kaci actually doing?

Well, the technique requires people to place their tongues on the roof of their mouth which makes the jaw look more square.

It's basically the thing you do when you swallow - so swallow and hold it there and bravo you have just 'mewed'!

The TikTok has since taken the internet by storm after clocking up more than 42.9 million views on the platform with over 5.1 million likes and 10.7k comments from people eager to weigh in on the beauty trend.

One TikTok user revealed: "Mewing has saved me in pics I swear to God."

"I’ve been mewing my whole life ever since I was like two," penned another.

A third chimed in: "I physically cannot relax my face without mewing anymore like I just naturally do it."

"I thought people just naturally did mewing," echoed a fourth.

Others, however, clearly weren't as obsessed with the so-called hack.

One person hit out: "I do mewing and it doesn't work."

A second admitted: "Mewing makes my chin bigger."

"Is it just me or does mewing do nothing?" asked a third

A final TikTok user added: "Mewing doesn't make a big difference with my face."

What do you make of 'mewing'?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Kaci_shiers

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