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Lash growth serum dubbed ‘miracle juice’ has women completely ditching eyelash extensions

Lash growth serum dubbed ‘miracle juice’ has women completely ditching eyelash extensions

Longer lashes in less than a month, sign us up!

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An award-winning lash growth serum is sweeping the internet with more than 50,000 reviews pouring in — and many claiming they've ditched lash extensions since using it.

Keeping our eyelashes looking long and healthy can be near impossible and whilst it's tempting to opt for a little help with extensions, it can sometimes leave our own lashes looking sparse, damaged or even missing.

Yet this one product has now been praised for its ability to help lashes grow, and some of the before and after products show just how quickly it can get to work.

The serum can show results in just 25 days.
UK Lash

The popular serum from UK Lash, dubbed 'miracle juice', uses vitamin B5, Green Tea extract and amino acid peptide Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 to help stimulate keratin growth, resulting in visibly longer lashes in as little as 25 days.

Yes you read that right, less than a month and lashes can be looking longer, healthier and like you never ruined them with mascara and false eyelashes in the first place.

If you're looking for further proof the lash serum comes with nearly 50,000 reviews as people praise how it's helped them recover after lash extensions and help them grow lashes long and luscious.

One person wrote: "I used lash extensions for years and then decided I would stop and try and grow my own. They were like little stumps. I’ve used the serum for 4 months and I can’t believe the results! People thought I still had lash extensions in."

Before and after shows healthier and longer lashes.
UK Lash

Another person shared: "After 2 months of use I’ve noticed a huge difference! My lashes are longer and fuller! I had a couple of very annoying gaps in my lashes but now they’ve completely gone!"

"I’m obsessed with this serum, it works really well!" says one person. They added: "Before using UK Lash you could hardly see my eyelashes…after using the serum I get a lot of compliments and people often think I have eye lash extensions."

One woman in her sixties also praised how it's made a difference to her eyelashes as she posted in her review: "I am in awe of how different my lashes look even after 4 weeks. Using the serum has definitely had a very positive effect on my lashes. Having only started using it every night for the last 3.5 weeks , when I use mascara, the fullness and length of my lashes has opened up eyes giving my face a more youthful look, which is encouraging at 62!"

The UK Lash serum has nearly 50,000 reviews praising its results.
UK Lash

For another woman who had lost lashes due to stress, the serum has become a staple as she wrote: "I started losing my lashes with stress and had nothing to put mascara on and needed help!

I looked at reviews online and wasn’t sure whether to believe this serum worked especially with it being lower priced but I gave it a try and within 8 weeks my lashes were so long and think

I’m on bottle 2 now and will continue to use this serum always!"

The UK Lash serum is £38 for 3ml and available via the UK Lash website.

Featured Image Credit: UK Lash

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