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Dermatologist shares correct way to apply moisturiser as she warns you could be putting it on wrong

Dermatologist shares correct way to apply moisturiser as she warns you could be putting it on wrong

She took to TikTok to clear up the confusion

Even people with the most simple of skincare routines will regularly incorporate at least moisturising into their daily regiment.

However, it seems many of us have been applying our moisturisers incorrectly, with one dermatologist taking to TikTok to share her three top tips.

The doc, Dr Adel, who goes by the handle @aamnaadel online, began by telling viewers: "I'm gonna tell you the correct way to apply body moisturiser because you've probably been doing it wrong."

The first piece of advice was to apply your moisturiser 'within five minutes' of coming out of the shower to damp skin - as opposed to dry skin.

"This is a really important tip when it comes to applying any skincare products," Dr Adel noted. "If you apply it to damp skin, the absorption is so much better."

Her second tip was all about 'technique', explaining: "When you're applying your moisturiser, you want to apply it along the direction of hair growth.

"This is important because, if you apply it in the opposite direction, you end up plugging your hair follicle, which can lead to a bumpy rash."

Dr Adel took to TikTok to share the correct way to apply body moisturiser.

The dermatologist warned that this could end up leading to 'folliculitis' which is essentially the infection of the hair follicle.

And last, but by no means least, is the skincare expert's final tip: "Do not dip your finger into the pot."

This is because doing so introduces bacteria from your skin into the whole pot which you then spread across your whole body.

"You definitely don't want to do that especially if you have eczema or acne because it can make it worse," she added.

"So, instead, use a clean spoon or spatula to basically to decant your moisturiser out before applying get onto your skin."

Dr Adel captioned the clip: "Have you been doing it right?? How to apply moisturiser the RIGHT way."

People clearly couldn't wait to share their reactions to the news, with one TikTok user joking: "TikTok informs me that I do just about everything incorrectly!"

A second thanked: "Oh no, I definitely needed this video!"

"For crying out loud," a third chimed in. "Learning that I apply moisturiser wrong was not on my plans for the day!"

A fourth quipped: "Makes so much sense right now..."

"Very useful tips," praised a fifth, while a sixth added: "Omg I had no idea you had to apply lotion in a direction?? This explains so much!"

Another penned: "At this point I think I’m even breathing wrong!"

"Awesome," sarcastically echoed a final TikTok user. "So I don't even know how to apply lotion on my body properly.

"Being an adult is so exciting!"

It sure is.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@aamnaadel

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