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Women are ‘obsessed’ with new colour-match tanning serum

Women are ‘obsessed’ with new colour-match tanning serum

The new Bondi Sands Technocolor Face Serum has garnered plenty of rave reviews.

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Whether you routinely self-tan your whole body, including your face, or have noticed that your body has started to tan much more quickly than your face does, you'll no doubt have dabbled with facial self tanners in the past.

However, others might have been put off tanning their face in case it ended up patchy or a bit too dark.

But even though it’s only been out for a few weeks, one tanning serum already has rave reviews.

The tanning serum is available in four shades.
Bondi Sands

Available in four shades; Sapphire for fair skin tones, Emerald for medium skin tones, Magenta for olive to deep skin tones and Caramel for the deepest skin tones, and priced at £17.99, there’s a Bondi Sands Technocolor Face Serum for everyone no matter how fair or dark skinned they are. But does it actually live up to the hype? Well, it certainly appears to, according to the vast number of five-star reviews.

We did some digging to find out more.

It includes a number of impressive skincare ingredients.
Bondi Sands

What ingredients does it include?

One of the biggest issues, when shopping for a facial self-tanning product, is the fact that many formulations can actually clog pores and cause breakouts, which isn’t ideal. It can also be tricky to gauge how much to apply, especially if you’re a tanning novice.

Which is why the ingredients in this product piqued our interest. First of all, it includes what the brand refers to as their ‘Blemish Control Complex.’ They reveal that it leaves the skin with a ‘blurring finish after every application,’ while stopping new blemishes from appearing.

And if you are prone to blemishes or breakouts, a few other ingredients will help with that. The Face Serum contains chamomile, a powerful antioxidant which helps to soothe the skin and reduce any irritation or redness. It also includes vitamin C, which is known to brighten and smooth the skin.

So, whether you have sensitive skin, or any other skin type, this shouldn’t aggravate the skin or cause a negative reaction.

The tan itself develops into a natural-looking colour while simultaneously evening out your skin tone. And all of these things have led women to become ‘obsessed’ with the product.

There should be a shade for every skin tone.
Bondi Sands

What are customers saying?

One happy customer took to the Cult Beauty website to share how impressed they’d been by the Sapphire shade.

They wrote: “I have struggled with other face fake tans due to them breaking me out or looking patchy around my mouth and hair line. I have tired this tan multiple times now and I am happy I have finally found one that works for me! It gives me a beautiful but natural glow which fades in a few days.”

While another shared “I am not an experienced fake tanner (although always wanted to be), but I am also not one to tan my face when I am on holiday, therefore long story short I have a tanned body and a pale face. I have always wanted to find a skincare product that will give me a tan without looking orange and patchy, and a beginner-friendly tan. This is it. I am so invested in this as it is super easy to apply, (trust the process) and it has given me exactly what I have been looking for. Would recommend and definitely repurchase all year round.”

Shoppers have been impressed by the results.
Bondi Sands

A third revealed that even though they’d tried a few face tans before, ‘this one is hands down the best I have used.’

The Bondi Sands Technocolor Face Serums are available from Sephora, Cult Beauty, and may more beauty e-tailers across the web.

Featured Image Credit: Bondi Sands

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